Realise your childhood dream and gain access to factory producing an unending amount of gold.
Gold Factory is one of Microgamings biggest hit, and itÕs not hard to see why!

Enter the Gold Factory and youÕll soon be on your way to riches. This decadent features great graphics and a titillating soundtrack.

This game also features several unique bonus features. When 3 or more of the Gold Medallion scatter symbols appear on the reals, you are taken to a different part of the factory, the Boiler Room. Here there are 12 hoppers and you must pick 4 of them. In addition to bonus credits the rewards can include tokens that lead to another bonus game. After the next level bonus game is completed the player will be returned to the Boiler Room if he has any picks left.

One of the tokens is Free Spins.  In the Free Spins,  you are taken to a second screen and are prompted to hit a spin button in front of two computer screens, which hide a random number of free spins (from 10 to 35), and a 2x multiplier.

The other token is the Reactor Bonus. Here the player is taken to another part of the Gold Factory. The reactor has 12 operational points. The player operates these points and earns bonuses till such time he selects a malfunctioning point. There are two such points in the reactor. When the game ends, for each of the unselected points the player is awarded a compensatory pay-out that is equal to his bet.

This is fun, dynamic game that constantly hops between different screens, ensuring that you never get bored of working in this factory.

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