Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey probably isn’t the most popular sport in the warmer parts of Asia and Africa, but where it is cold enough to be played most of the time throughout the year it is very popular. These are mainly the northern regions, no wonder Ice Hockey is a game where Canada and the US share a league with the NHL. The game is fast paced, high action and very physical. This makes it extremely entertaining to watch and to place a bet on!

Ice Hockey Rules

You get two chances to refill your drinks during a hockey match, since an ice hockey game is made up of three periods of twenty minutes. Twenty is an important figure in this sport, since the roster size of a typical squad is twenty players. Unlike most sports, there is no such thing as overtime due to injury time; making those ‘buzzer’ goals memorable moments. The only reason to go into overtime is when the game ends in a tie. If a tie does not provide an outcome, there will be a shootout.

So why are there twenty men in an ice hockey team when there are only six players on the ice at a time (on each side)? Ice Hockey is so physically exhausting that there are an unlimited amount of substitutions available for the head coach during a game. At any given time, there is one goaltender, two defenders and three forward positions. A centre and a left and right wing. Though players a free to move on the ice as they wish (the goalie excluded).

The game starts by the referee dropping the ‘puck’ in the centre where two players are standing in a so called face off. To obtain the puck, players can use their bodies for a bodycheck. Though a check in the back or above the shoulders is considered a foul, which is penalized with two minutes on the bench. Scoring occurs when the puck crosses the goal line. The players can use their stick or their body, but not their hands.

Ice Hockey Gear

To get up on the ice, a player will need a hockey stick, set of ice skates and some serious padding which may include a helmet, shoulder pads, padded shorts, face mask, gloves and arm guards. Naturally, the goalie get the VIP package when it comes to armor being in the firing line of the puck. The goalie gets to wear plate armor with stamina buff and all defense stats;) 

The most important single object in an Ice Hockey match is a puck. This heavy little piece of dense rubber weighs more or less 6 ounces. Players can use their foot or stick to move the puck forward towards the opponents goal, but not their hands. The goalies can use their hands to keep their goal clean of course.


Ice Hockey dates back to Canada in the 19th century. The weather conditions of the maple leaf country required some adaptations in the modern hockey game. From Canada, the popularity spread like an oil stain over the northern hemisphere. In all countries notorious for the cold weather, you will find an active ice hockey community.

The National Hockey League (better known as the NHL) is the largest league in the world, turning over millions of dollars every year. The winner of the playoffs is also the winner of the Stanley Cup. The competition is based on the Franchise System, where the club owners decide together what teams can participate and what the rules are. Teams can’t be demoted or promoted to the NHL.

In Europe, a collaboration started between different national ice hockey leagues. Six nations that are big in the sport are negotiating the possibilities for a league comparable to the NHL and KHL. Though Hockey Europe, as it will be called will be starting as a cooperation to promote and improve the competitions on a national level and attracting new countries. The currently participating countries are Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. With Switzerland being an associate member. 

Russian KHL

In Russia, the newly founded KHL is widely popular. Started in 2008, twenty four teams participate in four pools. The top sixteen teams proceed to the play-off. The winner takes home the Gagarin Cup and the title Champion of Russia. The KHL succeeds the Russian Super Liga. Not only teams from Russia participate, teams from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Finland and China send teams as well.

And the future of Ice Hockey Betting?

Ice Hockey as a sport is a rising star in areas where until recently it was hardly unknown. With the increase in popularity of the sport, we notice an interest in ice hockey betting markets as well! Every sport however has its own betting rules, definitions and terms. If you are interested in Ice Hockey Betting, we have good news for you: Mobile Wins has created an article on how to bet on ice hockey. With this introduction to ice hockey betting you will be fully prepared to start winning together with your favourite team! It is important that you are aware of the terminology of this sport, so we made a list for you:

  • Bar Down: a shot that hits the goal bar and goes straight into the net
  • Barn: Alternative term for the Arena or Rink
  • Bender: Nickname for a player that bends his knee while skating
  • Biscuit: Synonym for the puck
  • Break out: Other word for a counter attack where the defending team takes control of the puck and ‘ breaks out’
  • Celly: When a goal is scored, it’s time for a celebration or celly!
  • Change on the fly: subtitute entering the ice while the game is on its way, he or she cant touch the puck while the one he’s replacing hasn’t left the rink
  • Chip: A player can lift up the puck to hit the boards to pass an enemy player or pass towards a friendly player
  • Chirp: Talking trash against the opponent, regardless whether they are on the ice or on the bench
  • Cycling: offensive strategy where the attacking team uses the boards as a way to keep control on the puck
  • Deke: feint or fake move, to distract the opposing player
  • Plumber: Not a talented player, but a hard worker
  • Saucer Pass: A pass that leaves the ice, making it hard to intercept
  • Sieve: Bad goalie
  • Twig: Hockey Stick

Ice Hockey 2022 Betting

Ice Hockey Betting has grown massively in popularity over the last few years. Especially in countries where betting has been recently allowed and Ice Hockey is a national sport. Mobile Wins supports all Ice Hockey Betting 2022 by offering players a Get a Free Bet Bonus of €10 bonus on their first deposit next to unique tournament related promotions.

Ice Hockey international tournaments

Canada was not only the country where this great sport originated, it is also the country dominating the first decades of the Ice Hockey World Championships. After the fifties until the nineties, it was the Sovjet Union that dominated the Ice Hockey World Championship. Winning it twenty times between 1963 and 1991.

It has to be noted though that the USA is criticized for not taking the tournament serious, as they did not stop hosting NHL games during the World Championship and sending off youth players or even college players.

The IHWC and Ice Hockey on the Olympics are becoming more popular though and the competition is getting more and more fierce! ‘The 2015 World Championship, held in Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic, was the most successful to date in terms of overall attendance; it was visited by 741,690 people and average attendance was at 11,589.’ So we can read about the former edition of the event.

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