US Horse Racing Betting

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US Horse Racing and Betting is as old as the United States themselves. The sport goes back all the way to 1665 when the Newmarket Course was founded in Salisbury, New York. You might know this place by now by the name of Hempstead Plains of Long Island. Needless to say, horse racing has been popular ever since.

Thoroughbred racing is especially popular. For about 150 years, people from all regions and all classes have been enjoying the race of jockeys and the numerous racetracks. Gambling and US Horse Racing are knit together tightly, as is seen in various popular movies and series. In 1890, there were already a staggering 314 tracks operating in the US! The anti-gambling sentiment of the early twentieth century did put a temporary dent in the rise of the sport, as did the economic crisis. They were both not enough to stop the rise of US Horse Racing and betting that have been flourishing since 1945 and onwards.

different types of horse racing

In the US, Thoroughbred flat races are most common and are run on either dirt, synthetic or turf surfaces. Less common but still popular are Quarter Horse racing and Standardbred horse racing, or combinations of these three types of racing surfaces. Quite rare and for people with exquisite taste is Racing with other breeds, such as Arabian horse racing.

    • Endurance racing:

      endurance racing is a very interesting type of horse racing as it does not require a horse just to be fast, but to have stamina. And lots of it! Starting in 1955 in California and professionalized in 1972 with the Endurance Ride Conference; this category expanded with races from 10 to 20 miles all the way up to 1000 miles!

    • Quarter horse racing:

      the ‘quarter’ does not come from quarter of a horse, but of a mile! These special bred horses with short muscles for a great start and sprint ride just 400 meters at full speed. The jockey has to be light and does not require much control over the horse as turning is quite rare.

    • Flat Racing:

      Flat racing is the most common around the world as well as in US Horse Racing. It is the well known oval shape track that consists usually up too one and a half miles. They can be shorter (called sprints) or longer (routers). The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious races in the US. Betting is really popular for this event.

    • Arabian Horse:

      Hello Lawrence of Arabia, nice horse you got there. This type of horse racing is done with purebred horses from the middle east. These horses are bred for their stamina and capacity for long distance running at moderate pace. In the old days, there used to be something very aristocrat about this type of horse racing, but it is increasingly becoming more open for the large audience

US Horse Racing Betting

There is simply nothing that can beat betting on horse racing. Not even football. Excitement of a race that is usually decided by mere inches. The smell of the dirt, the horses. Jockeys pushing their horses to the limit. The audience cheering with their bet slips in their hand. The rumours of special horses that are in the form of their life or received a special training. If you have never been to a horse race, we definitely advise you should. The best thing about living in the twentieth century is that you can make live bets with your phone. Do you see a horse performing well during the race? Get your phone, go to Mobile Wins and place your bet. Best thing off all? First bet is on us thanks to our Get a Free Bet Bonus of €10 bonus!

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Important Races

The Kentucky Derby is single handedly the high point of the season. It is held every year on the first Saturday of May in Louisville, Kentucky. It only gets better from there as the Preakness Stakes is held two weeks later in Baltimore and the Belmont Stakes is held three weeks after that in Long Island. However, if you enjoy horse racing betting don’t fear ever running out of juice. In October and November the Breeders Cup is being held. And though it is less well known as the Triple Crown Series from May and June, it is of great importance to the American Horse of the Year. And finally, in late January you can enjoy the prestigious Pegasus World Cup in Florida. And those are just the major events. There are many horse racing activities to enjoy throughout the year, and you can be on them all here at Mobile Wins!