Club Kits Showdown – The Most Popular Premier League Kits

In sorting the catwalk from the sale rail, rating or slating, we’ve devised a smart new way of crowning the all-conquering club kits.

While some of the Premier League kits continue to fly off the shelves with perfect patterning and colour combinations, others have fallen flat and are making an instant beeline for the winter sales.

Tottenham Hotspurs Arsenal july 12 2020

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What would a London derby be without a little scandal? And who is an easier target to provoke than Jose Mourinho? These rhetorical questions are the prologue to the match of Tottenham Hotspurs Arsenal of this weekend. (July 12 2020, 11:30am ET on NBCSN and online via The Arsenal Social Media team decided to…

Pick of the Weekend: West Ham United – Tottenham Hotspurs

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Historically the Spurs struggle against West Ham with a close to 50/50 record. Small wins, draws and losses have been the story of these teams facing each other for the last few years. And these were years where Tottenham was in great shape, this time around they hold the 14th position in the Premier League…

Match of the week: Arsenal versus Tottenham Hotspur

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On sunday 01-09 Arsenal and Tottenham face off on 16.30 in the Emirates Stadium for what looks to be one of the first big clashes of the season. Besides the fact that these are both great clubs, they are both clubs from London as well. The pregame tension is already haunting the streets of the…

The Shared Philosophy of Ajax and Tottenham

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Although these clubs have only faced off against each other over thirty years ago, there are some remarkable resemblances between these two teams that face off in the first leg for a Champions League final ticket tomorrow. Though it is considered a surprise that these teams made it this far, they both resemble a football…

Champions League Predictions Second Leg QF Day2

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Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspurs After having won the last three encounters, Pep Guardiola must have scratched his head once or twice when he saw 1-0 for Tottenham on the brand new scoreboard last week. Despite his team receiving a penalty from the referee Bjorn Kuijpers. The football professor got some critique after the match…

A close look at the Champions League Quarter Finals Tuesday 09-04

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Tottenham versus Manchester City This all-Premier League tie should be seen out of the context of the Champions League. So far this season it’s Mauricho Pochettino – Pep Guardiola 0-3 in matches, but this is the match where Tottenham can steal the biggest of all prizes right under the nose of the competition. And they…

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