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A room full of anticipation. Two adrenaline pumped men walking in robes and gloves towards the ring, escorted by loud music, flashing lights, their posse and attractive women. The crowd goes wild; booing, cheering, shouting. Suddenly there is a moment of silence, where hundreds of people hold their breath as to brace themselves for what is to come. Then the bell sounds and all hell breaks loose. This, ladies and gentlemen, is boxing. And on Mobile Wins you can participate in the excitement of every punch and every knock-out by boxing betting!

Boxing odds multipliers

Regardless of it being a World Title Fight or just a underbout bout, you will find everything you need on Mobile Wins for a pre-fight- or live in-play bet. We guarantee you competitive boxing odds; especially on the Fight Winner Bets. We know, we know: one sided fights make for bad odds, so what is really in it for fight winner betting right? What if we told you that we fix this by giving you added value on the accumulator or a combination bet?! Increasing your potential winnings by a multifold.

Though there is an increased risk as well with accumulators and combination bets. For those who are looking for single line bets, we advise you to look at Round Betting. With this specific kind of bet, you will predict in what round the fight will be concluded and by who. If that sounds to specific for you, you might want to increase your odds of winning by going for round group betting. As you can see we cater to a wide variety of boxing betting markets; also to yours!

Boxing odds title fight (and more)

Are you a boxing fan? So are we. This means we keep an eye out on boxing matches from York Hall to Las Vegas, from the lower divisions to the title fights. Regardless of a title fight being from the IBF, IBO, WBC or WBA; we have some good odds awaiting you pre-fight! A real fan does not only look out for title fights though, that’s why you can enjoy in-play bets as well as pre-fight betting on matches from the Super Six World Classic, World Boxing Super Series or the AIBA World Championships. Men and women!

Boxing in UK

As for so many sports, modern boxing originated in the UK. London to be precise. Gloved Prizefighting, as it was once called, had been popular in the UK as early as the 1600’s. Though it took a while (1867) before the rules were officially documented by the hands of John Graham Chambers. While altered through the years, these rules still lie at the foundation of what the sport is today. That boxing has become incredibly popular in the UK shows in attendance of title fights. The Wembley held fight between Joshua and Klitschko for example sold out in barely 25 minutes. The likes of Ricky Hatton, Chris Eubank and Naseem Hamed have become celebrities. 

Boxing in Mexico

In the United States, as opposed to Japan, the popularity of boxing has been decreasing for some decennia. The only part where boxing is really thriving on the continent is Mexico. And it has for a century already. It was the Mexican Revolution, some 100 years ago, that marked the beginning of boxing in Mexico. In 1914, Pancho Villa, who was looking to exhibit any kind of power, sought to stage a world title fight in Ciudad Juárez between Jack Johnson and Jess Willard. The revolution passed, but the boxing stayed. Seeing the natural talents of their countrymen, the government officials used sports to promote the country as being stable and prosperous. 

This is what induced the first so-called “golden age” of Mexican boxing in the 1930’s. An age that centered around Mexico City. But there were more golden ages to come and many, many more boxing heroes. Among these, Julio César Chávez is most notable. Active from the 1980s through the early 2000s, Chávez epitomized Mexican machismo. The so-called “Mexican Style” of boxing, which emphasizes offensive aggression while paying only minimal attention to defense—did not originate with Chávez but in modern times, it is often associated with him. To many, Chavez is still a national hero.

Boxing in Japan

Legend goes that in 1854 Matthew Perry from the United States introduced boxing in Japan. And the japanese seemed to have talent for the sport straight away, seeing an exhibition match with sumo wrestler Tsunekichi Koyanagi fighting three Americans in different martial arts and winning all. One century later fighters from Japan started winning world titles regularly in the (feather)lightweight- and middleweight classes. Internationally, the boxers from Japan don’t get the recognition they deserve, since most of the publicity and attention goes to heavyweight fights. On a national level the sport is rising in popularity for almost 70 years.

But to grow internationally, there has to be more collaboration between the four major boxing leagues as well. An example of this is the fight between the WBC’s Kazuto Ioka and the WBA’s Akira Yaegashi that was held in June 2012. For the first time ever a world title unification match between Japan’s world champions was held. Finally a match with international allure. The president of Japan Pro Boxing Association Hideyuki Ohashi noted that this development had to be regarded as a healthy sign for the future of Japan’s boxing. 

Boxing Betting Tips 2024

In 1949 an official boxing match was organised where a man fought a bear. The bear won. So our first tip: if there is ever a man vs bear fight, bet on the bear. In all seriousness though; we update you with valuable boxing betting tips on title fights in our blog. So be sure to keep yourself updated with our latest posts! We have a blog that occasionally covers 2024 boxing betting tips. For more extensive information about boxing heavyweight title fights and boxing events, we advise you to always keep an eye on the Gambling Community.  

Bet With Bonus

Mobile Wins gives all new players Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30! Start off your boxing betting career on our costs! But we do not only care about new players; we cherish our existing players as well! That is why large sports events are celebrated on  Mobile Wins with promotions. This way you can enjoy every major fight more intensely than you already would! We are fully licensed and regulated by the Great Britain Gambling Commission: Join us now!

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting on BOXING

  • What is the difference between the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO?

    These organisations all recognize each other as legitimate world champion tournament hosts. They originate from different countries, but more often than not have a shared history in one way or another. The IBF for instance started as an offspring from the WBA after an internal power struggle, and the WBO started off after a rules dispute in a WBA meeting. All four are honored by the International Boxing Hall of Fame

  • What does WBC stand for in Boxing?

    Like the IBF, WBO and WBA, The World Boxing Council (WBC) is recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame as one of the four organisations to host world championship boxing bouts. Started in 1961 by 11 countries (mostly South American and UK), the WBC now has 161 members. The famous green belt represents the flags of all of its members. 

  • What does WBA stand for in Boxing?

    World Boxing Association. You might still find references to the NBA (not the basketball NBA) as it used to be the national boxing association. This is the oldest, one of the four major sanctioned professional boxing organizations. Founded as far back as 1921 in the US and since then spread in popularity worldwide (thus changing the name in 1962 to the WBA).

  • What does IBF stand for in Boxing?

    International Boxing Federation. Losing his bid against Gilberto Mendoza for the WBA presidency in 1983, Robert W. ‘Bobby’ Lee decided to initiate a third world-wide boxing organization. During its early period, the organization was rather obscure and various scandals made the IBF infamous. Though in recent years the IBF seem to have matured as an organisation.

  • What does WBO stand for in Boxing?

    The World Boxing Organization originates from a rules dispute at the annual WBA convention by a group of Puerto Rican and Dominican businessmen. The WBO has had a hard time getting recognized by the other associations. Especially in the USA. Today, the World Boxing Organization is respected as one of the four large boxing organisations.

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