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If MMA is your cup of tea and you think you know everything about this sport there is to know, you could turn this knowledge into some nice profit. But this comes at a risk, so before starting on MMA Betting you have to have a strategy. Not every fight is interesting to bet on. Pick your fights carefully!

Mixed Martial Arts is (as boxing) the ultimate sport for betting. Every single punch, kick, take down and choke can mean the end of the match. MMA is a little more complex than boxing though and so is wagering on this sport. This is why many people are looking for MMA Betting Tips. On Mobile Wins we like to give you something even better: a Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30.

Where to Bet on MMA

The first thing to remember is that you don’t really know that much about MMA. You think you do. That is not your fault, but it can hurt you. Regardless of how many fights you have watched and how much knowledge you might have, there is always more you don’t know! The second thing to remember is that you can bet on Mobile Wins every time there is a UFC or Bellator fight! Because we are available on any device, you can make (live) bets while you are watching the fight. Even on your phone.

We have a list for you with aspects of a fight that can influence the outcome, but you might not have considered prior to wagering. So, before you tell yourself you are completely sure about knowing everything about a fight, are you aware of the following?

  • Consider the location of the fight. What is the altitude? Some fighters have an (dis)advantage when fighting on higher altitudes, as it takes a greater toll on the body and lungs especially. Due to decreased oxygen pressure and increased atmospheric pressure.
  • What ring or cage is being used? What do the participating fighters normally fight in?
  • Did a fighter have to travel far? Did he have time to adapt or is he fighting tired or even with jetlag? It is easy to acquire this information through the social media accounts of fighters.

Don’t just trust any media reports! MMA fights always creates a lot of buzz, but some buzz does your betting predictions more bad than good! Often articles are written for creating hype, more than being informative.

MMA Betting Canada

“This place has been the centre of mixed martial arts ever since we set foot in this country.” These are the words of Dana White, after earning $40 million dollar gate entrance money from eight hosted events in Canada. UFC Director of the Canadian operations Tom Wright likes to add that “Canadians have embraced…the UFC like nowhere else.” MMA is huge in Canada, maybe even more popular than it is in the US. We have some good news to all Canadian MMA fans: Mobile Wins allows MM Betting from Canada and gives all new players an Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30!

How do odds work in MMA?

When betting on Mobile Wins you can simply place money line bets that are displayed as (for instance) 1.5 or 2.8. This would mean that if your wager is correct you would get 150% or 280% of your stake. In the first scenario this would mean your profit is 50%, in the second example your profit would be 180%. Some MMA fights also have total round, winning method, parlays, futures or prop bets. More information about these below:

Money lines

It all starts with moneyline betting, like most sports. This is the most common wager, simply on who will win the fight. Many inexperienced betters play only moneyline bets, and there is nothing wrong with that. Note that these kind of bets can have a ‘handicap’. This implies that one of the fighters is considered that much of a favourite that you will have to bet a lot more for the same winnings than wagering on the ‘underdog’. For example, if the moneyline has McGregor at +150 and Nurmagomedov at -170, the latter is favored to win. You thus have to bet a total of €170 to make €100. On the other hand, if you bet €100 on McGregor you will win €150.

Total Rounds

This is an interesting approach to a fight. How many rounds do you think it will last before a winner is announced? You can bet on the exact number of rounds, or bet over/under a certain amount of rounds. Going over or under 2.5 rounds is very popular with bookmakers. Deciding on the rounds is knowing the fighting style backgrounds of the fighters. If they both have a defensive style, you can bet on going over a certain amount of rounds. Go under if both are known to be offensive.

Winning Method

Unlike other sports (and unique to MMA) is wagering on how the fight is decided. You can bet on knockout, submission and judge’s decision (score). You don’t even need to know who will win the fight! Looking at the history between the two contenders can usually tell you a lot of how the fight might end!


Parlay bets are high risk high reward bets. You essentially place bets on the outcome of multiple fights and to win, you have to be right about all of them. As the risk accumulates, so does the prize money. This type of betting can be interesting if you have a small budget but want to go for that big win.


No king can rule forever! But will the World Title holder prolong his title next year? Or do you see a talented challenger on the rise? With a Future Bet you can get some interesting wins, as the odds for these types of bet are usually pretty good!

Prop Bets

Prop bets are the leftover bets that don’t fit in any of the above categories. These wagers can be as wild as you imagine them to be. They are considered fun bets by many, and will give you a good laugh in addition to the prize money if you predict something right.

Live/In-Game Betting

On Mobile Wins you can bet on a fight as it takes place. Think you see something our experts are missing? Check the odds and bet accordingly. This is the most intense form of betting and can be done using nothing more than your phone!

MMA odds explained

The odds on an MMA fight are calculated by an algorithm that checks the statistics of earlier fights and the way people are betting. This means that a score can differ from one point to another since a lot of players bet on fighter A, so the odds go up for fighter B. Or vice versa. There always have to be ‘starting odds’, but they could be off and correct themselves as time progresses. That is why it pays to place bets in advance as early as possible, if you consider the odds in your favour.

MMA Tips Betting

We have got some great UFC Betting tips for ya! Use these as a betting guide and you will be good to go for almost any UFC fight and other Major events.

Stay away from them superstars! Just don’t get involved. You will always be tempted to bet on the underdog due to great odds, but you end up losing your money almost guaranteed. Superstars aren’t called superstars for nothing. Start betting on Anderson Silva or Fedor Emelianenko when they are at the end of their career, but not before that! Overhyped matches are dangerous to bet on, because all the attention makes it hard to see what is important and what is not.

Another important thing is to understand how fighting styles match up against each other. For example; A Muay Thai expert would have an advantage against the boxer, but is fragile against a Jiu-Jitsu specialist. Though most fighters have experience in multiple disciplines, they usually excel in one.

Next tip: find out who the sparring partners of the fighters are. If these are (former) big names in the sport, you can be assured that their level of training is higher than with unknown names. Check the Social Media of the fighters to see if they train with specialists from different disciplines as well.

Last but not least: look past statistics and dive into the matches, look at the coaching team and look for recent injuries. Serious betting is hard work, but it can pay off!


  • What does MMA stand for?

    MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. The most prominent martial arts are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, often used for ground based combat and submission holds, and Boxing, which is popular for those focusing on striking. Additionally wrestling and Muay Thai are popular styles too.

  • What are the most famous MMA promotions?

    The most famous and well known MMA promotion is of course the Las Vegas based UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), known for their tense rivalries and promos, controversial owner Dana White, and celebrity-commentator Joe Rogan.

    Other popular and well known promotions are the Californian Bellator Fighting Championship (BFC), and the Chechnyan Absolute Championship Akhmat (ACA).

  • Who are some of the best MMA fighters?

    Although this is a controversial question that would put us in the crosshair of every MMA fighter our there, we have selected to mention a few that are universally acknowledged.

    Jon “Bones” Jones, Anderson Silva, and Khabib Normagomedov are well known and respected fighters, with Khabib even retiring with an undefeated 29-0 streak.

    In the women’s division, the most outstanding names are Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes, Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey (now a WWE superstar), and Cris Cyborg.

  • How do weight classes work in MMA?

    There are 15 weight classes in the MMA, which all increase by 10 lb (approximately 5 kg) or 5 lb in a few cases. The lowest weight class is the Atomweight at 105 lb (47.6 kg), and the highest weight class is the Super Heavyweight which has no upper limit and is for fighters with weights upwards of 265 lb (120.2 kg). 

    Women’s MMA usually has their own division with some additional weight classes that are exclusive to women. 

  • How are matches won in MMA?

    The most well known way to win a fight in MMA is by Knockout, which is when a fighter knocks their opponent unconscious. A less popular win method is a TKO, or Technical Knockout, which is when the referee stops the match because one fighter is significantly ahead and dominating the fight. Many grapplers also go for Submission wins, where they place their opponent in a painful hold until the opponent taps out. 

    Aside from these most well known ways to win, some less well known ways are winning by Forfeit, which is when an opponent fails to show up, or No Contest, which is when a fight is won due to illegal or unregulated means (which may not be explicitly stated in the rules). A win by Disqualification follows when known and stated rules are broken in the fight, such as hitting the back of an opponent’s head.

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