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Tennis betting is an exciting way to follow one of the world's fastest-paced sports. At Mobile Wins, we have a lot of information about all of the big tennis tournaments, from the Grand Slams to the smaller ATP and WTA events and we offer the best tennis betting odds in the market. You can bet on match outcomes, set scores, and more while enjoying the thrill of the game. Our real time tennis betting odds help you make the smartest and most well-informed choices, whether you want to bet on a seasoned winner or a rising star.

So you want to make money while betting on tennis aye? Unlike almost any other sport, tennis lacks the possibility of a match ending in a draw. Making this sport widely more interesting to wager on!

Since this is a sport where all grand slam events have it’s surprise youngsters and where trophy favourites fail in the first round, you’d have to be brave or very knowledgeable to bet on tennis. Why not be both? With our tips we can get you a long way into making you a successful tennis betting tips player.

So let’s start with the most important tip straight away: as much as you think you know about the sport, there is always more that you don’t know!

Never assume anything and never let memories of previous matches cloud your judgement for today. So what is a good tennis betting strategy? Well, stick around and you’ll find out!

Bet on Tennis

Tennis is a complex sport and offers a lot of excitement and challenges due to the many variables that apply to the sport. This is why it is such an interesting market for wagering.

There are two ways of approaching tennis betting: maximizing profit or minimizing risk. The first requires some basic understanding of mathematics, the latter requires discipline above all others. These are some tips to make use of both:

Bet where there is value. Any tennis match offers value, but sometimes you have to see past the outright match winners bet to find it.

If Roger Federer is playing against an unknown opponent round 1, you would be mad betting against Federer just because of the good tennis odds. But if research shows that this unknown opponent has a mad service that aces more than average, there is something to be gained here.

To achieve this mindset, you might want to specialise. Make a distinction between women or men’s tennis, between challenger circuit and grand slams. What is going to be your specialty that you will know inside out? Also specialise in a type of bet. See what works for you; find your niche.

Knowing is better than assuming, also in this case. Meaning that to find your specialty and to know if you are any good at it, you want to keep a track record of your betting history. Identify value and manage your money.

This record should include the date, tournament, bet type, bookmaker, your stake, your Odds, profit/loss and comments. This way, you can analyse a losing streak instead of just blaming bad luck.

look for the suspect seed

Seeded players will always start as favourites in major tournaments against unseeded players with the bookies. But the rankings are based on the achievements of the last twelve months. It could be that a player has earned its seeding based on good results up too six months earlier, while experiencing a lack in form after.

Make early bets as the odds will be in favour of the seeded player, while bookmakers tend to shift when they notice what’s going on. Look past the seeding and past the ranking and make it your advantage.

Be objective and act accordingly

In-play betting is extremely popular in tennis. Betting game by game and looking how the game progresses can be very fruitful. It can also be destructive if you miss the essential knowledge about tennis and even more so: if you can’t be objective about the things you see. Being biased because you favorite one player above the other will cloud your judgement and result in losses.

There are two factors you need to pay attention to. Form and statistics.

Statistics are important pre-match as they give you an indication of the qualities of a player. For instance: If the server is of the calibre of a Roscoe Tanner, Goran Ivanisevic, Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, or today’s biggest hitters Ivo Karlovic and John Isner, there’s an 80% probability the point will be theirs.

Likewise, players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, David Ferrer and Giles Simon are likely to return a service. During the course of a match you can see the form of a player unfold and you can adjust your bets to what you see. Again, try not to let your emotions get involved. It’s the best to bet on two players that you are neutral towards.

Last thing to keep in mind when looking at statistics is that you should incorporate the court on which is played and the play style of the opponent. A lot to take in right? No one said becoming rich by betting would be easy!

Starting betting strategy

If you are just starting out on tennis betting, head-to-head wagers are probably the easiest to begin with. Take a look on the ATP or WTA websites and see how the head-to-head record of the player is you tend to wager on versus his opponent. How many time did they meet? What court? What were the results? Were the losses from your player a long time ago or all recently?

Take for example a clay-court master versus a hard-court specialist. The current score stands at 2-4 in favour of the hard-court specialist. Though he lost the two matches on a clay court. This should be information you can use in your favour!

Keep doing what you’re doing

By reading this looooong post, you are investing in becoming a better better. Good job! There are however many sites for tennis and tipsters on the internet that will give you advice on where to place your bets. Some are good, some are bad. Some are free and some request money for their tips.

Finding a tipster that is free and good is a gold mine; look for them! A great place to start searching is Twitter. Search for the hashtags of matches being aired in combination with a gambling related hashtag.

On Mobile Wins you will find a sports blog that occasionally discusses upcoming tennis events and where you can find tennis predictions as well, so be sure to check in here once in a while. We have more on tennis tournaments like Roland Garros, Australian Open and other Grand Slam Tournaments here!

Tennis betting terms

  • Set handicap betting: If a player has a set handicap of over +1,5, you will win the bet if the tennis player wins the match or does not lose by more than 1,5 sets. The outcome of the match is fairly irrelevant, as long as your player does not lose more than 1,5 sets. The same is true for a set handicap of -1,5. If the tennis player doesn’t win at least 1,5 sets, your bet has become a loss.
  • Game handicap betting: With Game handicap betting, things are a bit different. If for instance a player has a handicap of +4,5 games, it means that your bet is a winner when your tennis player stays in range of at least 4,5 games of his opponent. So regardless of winning or losing, if player A takes 18 games and player B takes 22, you win! With a handicap of +4,5, it means that player A has to take at least a minimum of 4,5 games over player B for you to win
  • Total Sets Over & Under: A match can last 3 sets, it can last 5 or even more. With this type of betting you can bet on the length of a match based on the number of sets. You usually look at the skill of two opponents compared to each other if you want to go for this bet.
  • Total Games Over & Under: If for instance Serena Williams is playing Kiki Bertens and the match ends in 6-1, 6-4 and 6-2, there will be 25 games in total. If we would have placed a bet with over 23,5 games we would have won, if we would have bet under 23,5 we would have lost our bet.
  • Match Correct Score: If you want to go more precise, you can predict the final score of a match. Let’s say we have Djokovic playing Murray. Our Match Correct Score Tennis Prediction would be 3-1 in sets. This can net you some nice wins!
  • Set Correct Score: A set correct score can get you even bigger wins! There are however more possibilities as well. Sometimes a tennis player has an ‘offset’ that he considers lost without putting too much effort in it, it are these sets that can get bizarre scores and thus large wins!


  • How are points counted in Tennis?

    First off we have sets and games, and a set ends when a player wins 6 games and is declared the winner.

    A win is secured if a player wins 4 points, and the point difference is at least 2. Points are given as 15, 30, 40. If two players are matched evenly at 40 points each, the first to win twice in a row wins a game.

  • What is the difference between a forehand and backhand in Tennis?

    The forehand and backhand are ways to swing the racket. The name indicates whether it is your palm or backhand that leads the swing, e.g. if you hold the racket in your right hand, swinging right-to-left is the forehand, and left-to-right is the backhand swing.

    The forehand swing is believed to be more loose and rotational, while the backhand can be used with two hands to swing the racket more like a baseball bat, with all the accompanying velocity.

  • What are the biggest Tennis events?

    There are many excellent tennis events all year round, but the most attention and prestige is of course granted to the 4 Grand Slam tournaments: The US Open, The French Open, The Australian Open, and Wimbledon. Out of these four, Wimbledon is seen as the greatest and most prestigious.

    Tennis is of course also an Olympic sport, with Olympic gold pulling in many leading competitors who wish to add it to their list of achievements.

  • What is a Volley and Half-Volley in Tennis?

    A volley is a shot made when the tennis ball is hit before it has had a chance to bounce on the field. A half-volley is a shot made when the ball is struck just after it has bounced. Usually the half-volley is a swing from underneath that harnesses the ball’s upward momentum and redirects it to the opponent’s side of the net.

  • Why is the serve so important in Tennis?

    The serve is the opening shot. Often the player making the serve will try to make the tennis ballgo as low over the net as possible to force their opponent to move up, or potentially miss returning the ball altogether for a quick and easy point. Additionally, it gives the serving player control over the space, rhythm, and positioning of the early game. It can force an opponent out of their comfort zone, or reduce the chance of an aggressive return as the opponents expend their energy to position themselves properly.

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