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Football step aside. Handball is coming, and it’s coming fast. Though the sport is born and raised in Germany and Scandinavian countries, it has almost 200 member federations. In Germany matches have already been attended by over 40.000 people. Although the sport isn’t as far yet in most countries, it is still a sport on the rise. With handball becoming more popular, so is handball betting. We noticed getting more and more requests on handball betting tips, because expert tipsters are still hard to find in this sport. That is why decided to write you a guide with the most important principles of handball betting. Keep updated on our blog as well as we’ll give you tips on specific matches in the future.

Handball is organised in five confederations around the globe: Asia, Africa, Pan-America, Oceania and Europe. On top of the food chain stands the International Handball Federation that basically runs the place. Because we are an European Bookmaker-Casino and handball is by far the most popular in Europe, we will focus our attention to the handball competitions on this continent. To cater handball fans from around the world, we also offer extensive betting opportunities on the World (Women’s) Handball Championship. More on that later!

Handball Betting tips and predictions

The most interesting competitions to bet on are the EHF Champions League for both men and women. This previous called European Champions Cup is the dream tournament for many young handball players. Traditionally, Germany and Spain have been dominating this stage, but the fact that Vive Kielce from Poland, RK Vardar from Macedonia and Montpellier from France have won the last three editions is a sign of the rise in popularity in other countries.

There is a rather large difference between men’s and women’s handball in terms of club dominance. The claim we made earlier, of Germany and Spain being dominant in the sport, does not apply that much to women. Even though their last win has been in 1988, Spartak Kiev has an unmatched 13 titles. In comparison, the best women’s club in terms of titles from Germany is SC Leipzig with only two titles. The last trophy won in 1974.

Funny enough, internationally we see France dominating the European and world scene in Handball. So the sport is really diverse and growing in many countries in Europe and this won’t stop in the future.

World (Women’s) Handball Championship

This article is written just shortly prior to the World Women’s Handball Championship 2019 that starts 30 november in Kumamoto city in Kyushu, Japan. In 2017, the men’s handball world championship was held here so we expect them to know how to organise a great tournament. Right in time to give you some expectations about who are the favourites in this tournament. Can we predict an outright winner? Let’s go by the teams and countries one by one:

  • Norway: Norway is a favourite coming into the tournament, but faces the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Angola and Cuba in the women’s handball World Cup in Group A. Not the easiest draw. Norway was the runner up in the World Cup in 2017, but have lost some quality due to knee injuries probably prevent Kari Aalvik Grimsbø and Amanda Kurtovic playing handball World Cup in Japan. The probability to see them in Japan is small, according to national team manager Thorir Hergeirsson.
  • France: France is the favourite to win group B, but will have a tough road to the finals compared with some other teams. Winning about everything there is to win in the last couple of years, this team goes into the tournament as a straight up favourite to win it all
  • Russia: The Russian team – the silver medalist of the European championship and 2016 Olympic winner- has a minimum task – reaching the semifinals. Russia is playing in the Group D with Sweden, Japan, China, Argentina and DR Congo. This team is right behind France and is looking to take over the crown.
  • Netherlands: One of the few teams who were directly qualified and that make for a short list of predicted winners. Norway, Russia and France are more popular with us bookies, which makes the Netherlands a good outsider with great odds for outright winner. This team ended 4th during the Olympics in 2016, 3rd on the last edition of the World Cup in 2017 and 3rd in the 2018 European Championships. A team that is close to a prize for some time; will this be their year?
  • Denmark: Denmark makes up for the top five of favourites to win the World Women’s Handball Championship. The former giant, who reigned supreme during the nineties, is looking to reclaim it’s throne once again.

Free Handball Betting Tips

If you are looking for football tipsters, a single Google search will do. Trustworthy handball Tipsters are actually hard to find. While we will occasionally discuss a tournament, we have no dedicated handball expert writing for our blog. If you are looking for tips, you might want to look at the website of Mabrastebu or BettingExpert. The latter has users providing tips and it is a matter of finding users that regularly give good handball betting tips.

How to bet on handball?

While many bookmakers focus on just a few sports, we try to offer competitive odds on almost every sport. Including handball of course! Not only do we offer expert tips and great odds, we also offer Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30. Yes, you read it right: first bet is on us!

Handball betting strategy

Match winner is not where you want to be with handball betting. Betting against the favourites is rarely a good decision and betting on favourites makes for small margins. Much more interesting is betting on over or under total goals. This requires you to have knowledge about the game and the teams, but it will be much more rewarding when you do. If you know two high-scoring teams face of, or conversely, teams with good defense, you can bet on a number of goals scored. If for instance you bet on ‘over 40’, your bet is a winning one when more than 40 goals are scored. Of course the line is usually pre-set by the bookmaker. We can all bet on ‘under 100’ or ‘over 5’, but there is no bookmaker that is gonna fall for that one.

Another type of betting that requires some understanding of the game (and thus pays out more than outright winner) is handicap betting. With handicap betting, you basically bet on the winning margin. Odds improve as the margin does, with handicap betting it pays to have advanced knowledge of teams and players.

Handball Terms & Definitions

Handball (betting) has some specific terms & definitions that you should definitely know when considering to gamble. Chances are you will come across many of these when following expert tipsters, so make sure to remember them correctly:

  • Court player − All the players on a court, excluding the goal-keepers, are court players.
  • Goalie − As with most sports, the goalie or keeper is the one trying to prevent the other team from scoring by keeping his goal clear
  • Corner Throw − Similar to football, a corner throw is given when the defending team has let the ball pass the last line. A corner throw can be thrown by either hand.
  • Free throw −A Free Throw is granted to a team when the opposing team commits a foul. The ball is thrown from a line 9mts away from the goal.
  • Penalty throw − When a foul is committed in the penalty box, a penalty throw is granted. The attacker must throw from a mark 7m from the goal and directly towards the goal.
  • Referee’s throw – If the game is interrupted for whatever reason other than a foul, the referee will continue the game by throwing the ball straight up.
  • Dive shot − It is a way of putting the shot, in order to score a goal, by jumping above the floor towards the goal. It is done without touching the d-line.
  • Throw-in − Almost exactly the same rule as with football, except that with handball you can throw with either one hand or both.
  • Throw-on − After a goal is scored a throw-on takes place in the centre of the court to resume the game.
  • Throw out − If a goalkeeper managed to obtain the ball in the goal area, he can throw out to one of his fellow players without being obstructed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting on Handball

  • What can I bet on in Handball?

    The betting possibilities in handball are quite extensive.

    • Winner: the usual 1×2 bets.
    • Double Chance: where you combine two of the three possibilities (home win, draw and away win).
    • Draw No Bet: in case of a draw, the bet expires (and you get your stake back).
    • Handicap: where you give a team a virtual lead to make the match more even.
    • Over/Over: bet on the number of goals in a half or for the whole match.
    • Rust and final score: determine who is ahead at half-time and who eventually wins the match.

    In addition, there are separate bets for the different leagues, such as the Danish league and German Bundesliga, where it is also possible to choose the eventual champion.

  • What are the favourite handball bets?
    • World Championships: the field of competitors at the World Championships is nice and large, making some matches quite predictable. In 2021, for example, the Dutch ladies won 55-15 over Puerto Rico, 17-58 over Uzbekistan and 15-61 over Kazakhstan. Those could provide nice odds for betting.
    • The first rounds of European tournaments: For these, to a limited extent, the same applies as for the World Championships, with major differences in quality .
    • Draw No Bet: depends a lot on the match, but sometimes the difference in quotations between a 1×2 and a Draw No Bet is negligible, while hedging against a loss.
  • What can I do to increase my success in Handball betting?
    • Choose a league to follow intensively. Because handball is a relatively small sport, it is easier than, say, basketball or football to gather the right information with which to choose the best bets.

    • Avoid bets that do not require information. The simplest bet in handball is choosing whether the number of goals is even or odd. The outcomes for this bet are often close as this is little more than a heads or tails bet.

    • Bet on the number of goals. The number of goals is obviously not predictable, but it is often the quickest way to get better rankings. Especially when there is a lot of difference between countries internationally, you get much more benefit from betting on goals than picking a winner.

    • Let the double chance lie. In football, the double chance is sometimes a good way to hedge risks and still keep a nice score. In handball, a draw is so rare that the scoring hardly changes and there is much less risk to hedge.

  • Probably the most famous handball event is the IHF World Men’s/Women’s Handball Championship. This tournament features national teams representing their country. 

    Additionally there is the European Men’s/Women’s Handball Championship which represent the top athletes of the continent.

  • Who are some of the most well known Handball athletes?

    Nikola Karabatić is a Serbian born professional Handball player for Paris Saint-Germain and the French national teams. He has a French nationality and has lived there since he was 3 years old. Another famous and successful Handball professional is the Danish Mikkel Hansen. Both have claimed Olympic gold for their countries.

    Cristina Neagu is widely considered to be the best female handball player in history, winning numerous medals and championships.


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