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The appeal to Formula 1 betting is the many factors that decide the outcome of a race. The car, the tires, the pit stops, the strategy of the teams, the driver, the weather, the engine, pole position or not, safety car and qualification rounds. The slightest error can cause a race to be lost and the stakes are high.

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So you want to bet on Formula 1? You are not alone! The king among motorsports is drawing a lot of people in to place a bet on their favourite driver. After years of Mercedes riding solo in front with Lewis Hamilton, we finally have the battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes that we’ve been waiting for!

We have noticed a surge in betting because of this. Weirdly enough, because the outcome of a race has become less certain, but it shows that players don’t just bet to win but bet for the excitement as well.

The appeal to Formula 1 betting is the many factors that decide the outcome of a race. The car, the tires, the pit stops, the strategy of the teams, the driver, the weather, the engine, pole position or not, safety car and qualification rounds. The slightest error can cause a race to be lost and the stakes are high.

Then there is the glamour of the sport. In a world where fast cars are envied, the fastest cars are the créme de la créme. It is no surprise that the tracks take you through the richest places in the world such as Monte Carlo, Monza, Bahrain, Silverstone and Singapore.

There simply isn’t a sport that is more extreme in terms of speed and spectacle. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to become a successful player in the world of Formula 1 gambling. But first we have to answer the question..

What is Formula 1 exactly?

We wonder how many of you can answer this question. Formula 1 has 21 Grand Prix per season, all of which need to be at least 189,5 miles long. There are usually 20 cars appearing at the start of the race that belong to 10 teams. Points are distributed among drivers, but also among teams.

There are certain limits in building the car and the number of components that can be used throughout the season. Also there are limited choices in tires that the driver and their team can choose. These are usually referred to as soft, medium and hard. Formula 1 is therefore, much and much more than meets the eye. Which brings us to the..

Formula 1 Betting tips and predictions

Unlike tennis, where you can be sure that Djokovic is not losing to the number 125th of the world, with Formula 1 you are never quite sure of who is winning. Despite the hegemony of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, a crash or flat tire can change everything. We have yet to see Djokovic crash into something that makes him lose. As a result, you want to build in some safety into your betting to negate the variables. So let’s take an example in placing a more safe bet: 

The odds of Hamilton winning a Grand Prix look very promising and a bet seems to be very tempting. However, betting him to end in the top 3 is a much more safe bet that takes into account any unfortunate hiccups. The odds might be lower, but it’s long term betting that is more profitable.

Speaking of long term betting, the general misunderstanding that season-length betting should be done prior to the season is one that frequently occurs. Because no one has seen the cars on the track, the idea is that the odds are most favourable at this point. Because if a team wins the first 4 races, you are late to the party.

Since a season is 21 races however, there is always a time where the favourite team starts to stumble. Even if they get themselves together again. This is the point where you want to get into the action. Finding this sweet spot is where a good gambler sets himself apart from the rest.

Formula 1 Betting Strategy

We have to disappoint you by informing you that there is no such thing as a solid formula 1 betting strategy. However, that does not mean that you can’t seriously improve your betting skills. First and foremost, your knowledge of the sport improves your formula 1 betting strategy dramatically. This is especially true when it comes to live betting.

Understanding the strategy of a team and how it will play out by the end of the race is crucial for making good bets on time. What does the choice for tires mean, what does an early pitstop mean, can someone hold position without a pitstop. Unlike a game of football, you can follow the decisions of teams live and anticipate the outcome. 

As such, following the free training and the qualifications are a necessity when betting on the actual race. There is so much information given to you freely; it’s like two tennis players facing off 3 times before the actual match. The qualifiers are a betting luxury that you won’t see in any other sport.

Use it, abuse it. Don’t just look at individual drivers, but look at team performance. ‘One-two’ is a term used in F1 betting. Used when a single Formula 1 team qualifies in both first and second place, therefore ‘locking out’ the front row of the starting grid. A strategic advantage that can help in the actual race, where the second driver holds off any attempts to overcome to ensure the first driver’s position.

Future of Formula 1 betting

Formula 1 is a sport where we can see teams dominating for years, followed by a ‘shift’. We’ve had an era dominated by Ferrari in the first decade of this century. We had an era dominated by Williams in the nineties.

We’ve had an era of McLaren dominating before that. And most recently we have had an era dominated by Mercedes. Each time you think the hegemony will never be broken, a new team rises to the top. These shifting seasons are the most interesting and are when the odds are more interesting as well.

Besides the development of the teams, there is another crucial player. Liberty Media. This ‘owner’ of the Formula one (rights) has its own plans with the sport. As a commercial party they benefit from a leveled playing field with as many interesting races as possible.

Thus they are advocating rules that limit the differences between the engine performances. And though teams are opposing this and threatening to leave, chances are we see some impactful rules in the future.

Last but not least is the surge of popularity in Formula-e. This digital version of the sport has gotten a bigger stage as the Covid pandemic made it get its time in the spotlight.

It will be long before it replaces (if ever) the ‘real deal’, but it is interesting to follow the developments. Certainly from a betting perspective.

Red Bull versus Mercedes

In the near future, the battle between Red Bull versus Mercedes is thé reason to follow Formula one. Not in the latest place for their two top runners, who we will discuss further here.

Though Perez and Bottas do not have to be underestimated as well, being second adjutants just by a small margin. We are most certain that 2021 and 2022 will give enough fireworks to push this sport even further in popularity.

Max verstappen

Verstappen has many F1 records to his name, for example, he made his debut in Formula 1 at the age of 17 with Toro Rosso. Already in his third Grand Prix he scored points and on 15 May 2016 he managed to win his first ever F1 race at the age of just 18 and 228 days.

Together with Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen is now the great tastemaker of Formula 1 and according to many the best or shared best driver of the moment. Expectations are high for 2021 and all eyes are on the RB16B of Red Bull-Honda, with which Verstappen hopes to score high in the hunt for the world title.

Max Verstappen is by far the most successful Dutchman in F1 history. Father Jos Verstappen managed to conquer two podium places in 1994 with Benetton, something that his son has now amply surpassed.

Lewis Hamilton

‘Still I Rise’ – these words define Lewis like nothing else. Emblazoned across the back of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet and tattooed across his shoulders. These three words have proven themselves ever since he exceeded all expectations with one of the greatest rookie performances in F1 history in 2007. Ever since, rising is literally all he’s done. Up to the point where one can question how further one can rise more.

Being already at the top of the all-time pole positions list ahead of his hero Ayrton Senna, surged into first place in the wins column surpassing the inimitable Michael Schumacher, and then matched the legendary German’s seven world titles.

The discussion about Lewis Hamilton being the G.O.A.T is harder to deny by the opponents every season. Few would deny that he’s in the conversation – and what’s more he’s got there his way, twinning his relentless speed with a refusal to conform to stereotypes for how a racing driver should think, dress or behave.

Important Formula 1 betting terms


You will presumably have heard this term during a race. The Drag Reduction System, otherwise called movable back wings permit the driver to change the wing between two foreordained settings from the cockpit.

The framework’s accessibility is electronically administered – it very well may be utilized whenever by and by and qualifying (except if a driver is on wet-climate tires), however during the race must be enacted when a driver is short of what one second behind one more vehicle at foreordained focuses on the track.

The framework is then deactivated once the driver brakes. In mix with KERS, it is intended to help surpass. Additionally, like KERS, it isn’t necessary.

Reconnaissance lap

A lap finished when drivers left the pits to amass on the matrix for the beginning. In the event that a driver chooses to do a few, they should redirect through the pit path as the network will be packed with group work force.


In a real sense, the turning or winding power of a motor force is by and large utilized as a proportion of a motor’s adaptability. A motor might be extremely amazing, however assuming it has little force, that force may just be accessible over a restricted fire up range, making it of restricted use to the driver.

A motor with more force – regardless of whether it has less force – may really demonstrate speedier on numerous tracks, as the force is accessible over a far more extensive fire up range and hence more available. Great force is especially imperative on circuits with various mid-to moderate speed turns, where speed increase out of the corners is crucial for a decent lap time.

Tyre compound

The sort of elastic blend utilized in the development of a tire, going from delicate through medium to hard, with each offering an alternate exhibition and wear trademark.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting on Formula 1

  • How do I bet on Formula 1?

    You can bet on all days of a Grand Prix weekend, with picking the winner being the most common bet.

  • Which Grand Prix are available?

    Every Grand Prix during the Formula 1 season has similar bets. As the season progresses, bets may differ.

  • Who are the best Formula 1 racers?

    Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are both tied for the most World Championships at 7 each. Hamilton does have 103 total wins, compared to Schumacher’s 91 wins. 

    Coming in 3rd we have Sebastian Vettel with 4 World Championship wins. Another noteworthy mention is of course Max Verstappen, who deprived Hamilton of an 8th World Championship win, and is expected to have a career similar to those of Hamilton and Schumacher.

  • What are the predictions for Formula 1?

    Red Bull has definitely nestled itself among the big names after its World Cup win in 2021, making Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari the big three. Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and George Russel have years to go, so the battle between those three drivers (and their constructors) will undoubtedly be a common thread in the coming seasons. The teammates for these drivers will also put additional pressure on the constructors. In terms of performance of the cars, you have to take into account that things can just turn around. A small adjustment can change a team’s chances just like that. Sometimes due to adjustments by the team itself, sometimes because of new regulations for the cars.

  • How long is a Formula 1 season?

    A Formula 1 season lasts for around 9 months, or 20 races. The exact number can vary.

  • When did Formula 1 originate?

    Formula 1 originated in 1950 with the inaugural season of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

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