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  • Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 6

    Day 5 recap: Following our predictions, we would have won 3 out of 3. We said Netherlands and Sweden would take the win and the USA would win with over 4.5 goals. That last prediction was on the safe side, seeing they scored 13. On the other hand, the Dutch almost ended up in a […]

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  • Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 5

    New Zealand – Netherlands New Zealand is slightly the underdog in this match. Though this team is not to be underestimated. Having reached the finals of the Women’s World Cup Football for the fourth time in a row now and ranking 19th in the world. Though their appearances on the World Cup stage haven’t been […]

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  • Update Champions League: Predictions Ajax – Tottenham Hotspurs

    betting prediction

    Do we even dare to predict a match after last night? I guess we are obligated, but we will be even more cautious than we usually are. Lessons learned from yesterday were summed up by the t-shirt Salah was wearing: ‘never give up!’ Tottenham will be inspired by their fellow countrymen for tonight, going to […]

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  • Update Champions League: Predictions Liverpool – Barcelona

    champions league 2nd leg

    Even though the scoreboard showed 3-0 on after 90 minutes last week, it wasn’t all that obvious throughout the match that it would. Jurgen Klopp called the performance of his squad ‘the best European away game’ thus far this season, indicating how good Liverpool was. They just forgot to score; one or two opportunities definitely […]

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  • Champions League Semi Finals 2nd Leg build up

    Ajax won their away game with 0-1, having a good starting position for Wednesday’s game. Still Tottenham will probably not resign their Champions League ambitions just yet. The same goes for Liverpool, though they have an even harder job to repair a 3-0 defeat against Barcelona on Anfield. How did the four teams perform last […]

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  • Barcelona vs Liverpool; and the world trembles

    barcelona liverpool cl

    In old mythical tales, the entire earth would shake when two titans faced off in battle. The match tonight already has a mythical status, prior to being played. Two five time Champions League trophy winners are trying to get their sixth at the expense of the other. It is Lionel Messi versus Virgil van Dijk; the world trembles…

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  • The Shared Philosophy of Ajax and Tottenham

    Although these clubs have only faced off against each other over thirty years ago, there are some remarkable resemblances between these two teams that face off in the first leg for a Champions League final ticket tomorrow. Though it is considered a surprise that these teams made it this far, they both resemble a football […]

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  • A close look at the European national competitions

    We are reaching the end of the season. All over Europe champions are already being crowned or national competitions are reaching their climax. What are noticeable shake ups that we didn’t anticipate, what is still undecided and worth betting on and which teams are we going to see in the Champions League of 2019-2020? Last […]

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  • Enter the Premier League Finale

    premier league finale

    Since the Leicester Championship, the Premier League has not been so exciting until the very end. Instead of an underdog rising to the top, this years tale is all about two giants wrecking everything in their path. It is hard to predict who will come out on top. Liverpool is ahead two points, but also […]

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  • Which matches are still undecided in the Europa League Quarter Finals?

    quarterfinals europa league

    Even though Chelsea won with just one goal against Slavia Prague, everyone is expecting Chelsea to get their business in order tonight. Still, Sarri could be accused of arrogance of giving many of his star players a day off in the away game if things turn sour tonight. The one goal in Prague makes that […]

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