La Liga 2020/2021 | Outright Winner Predictions

14 August 2020, Bayern München humiliates Barcelona in the quarter finals of the Champions League. The day after, everything looked different for one of the two biggest clubs in Spain. Chaos. Unprecedented Chaos. Now, almost one month later, things look totally different again.

Champions League | 2021 winner Bet

The Champions League season 2019/2020 is reaching its climax. There are still 16 teams left in the race for the title of Champions League winner 2020. We’ll discuss their odds, their chances of winning and their matchups. Predicting outright winner at this stage of the season can be very lucrative.

Premier League | 2020 Winner

An Outright Winner Premier League Bet on Liverpool at the start of the season would have been worth gold by now. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late to place a bet on the Premier League winner for this season. The only interesting bet prospect is with how many points Liverpool will end this season.

Champions League Group Stage Climax Bets

With the Champions League Group Stage coming to an end, some groups are well played while others are still widely open when it comes to progressing to the knockout stage. This makes for some interesting betting opportunities for the final round of the Champions League Group Stage.

Surviving the summer: Interesting pre-season bets

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For some people the summer is the most exciting time of the year. We are not those people. All the major leagues have ended and if there is not a World Cup to bet on, we really have to find games interesting enough for us to bet on. Luckily, you don’t have to get in… Continue reading Surviving the summer: Interesting pre-season bets

Betting Predictions: Senegal vs Algeria

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This is a tough one to call. Senegal is slightly favourite in the odds, but just slightly. Then again, Algeria has already beaten Senegal in the pool stage with 1-0. If the semi-finals are a harbringer for what is coming, this will be a match exciting until the last minute. With a lot of finals… Continue reading Betting Predictions: Senegal vs Algeria

Match of the day: Brazil faces off against Italy (predictions)

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Tonight the women of Brazil and Italy are playing one of their toughest matches thus far in the tournament. Brazil is in there to secure their place at the final sixthteen while Italy is planning on becoming the uncontested group winner. Odds are slightly in favor of the south americans, despite Italy winning their last… Continue reading Match of the day: Brazil faces off against Italy (predictions)

Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 5

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New Zealand – Netherlands New Zealand is slightly the underdog in this match. Though this team is not to be underestimated. Having reached the finals of the Women’s World Cup Football for the fourth time in a row now and ranking 19th in the world. Though their appearances on the World Cup stage haven’t been… Continue reading Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 5

Champions League Predictions Second Leg QF Day 1

Juventus vs Ajax Juventus has ‘deliberately’ put their national championship celebration on hold last weekend by playing with a ‘b’ squad full of substitutes and youth players and losing 1-2. The expected payoff is playing at full battle strength in the meeting with Ajax on Tuesday.

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