The Manchester Derby | Manchester City vs Manchester United

There are a couple of derbys in the world that are notorious. Inter Milan vs AC Milan, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, and Lazio Roma vs AS Roma. But none of these have the tension, rivalry, and the excitement of the derby that is the pick of this weekend: Manchester United versus Manchester City.

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur | Premier League Predictions

Read our Prediction and place your bet! First bet FREE! Arsenal versus Tottenham Hotspur | Gunners versus Spurs | North London Derby

Outsider in esports: Nintendo talks @ E3

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There is only one real title that deserves the label esports from Nintendo, and that is ofcourse Super Smash Bros. On the E3 they revealed the latest offspring called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As a promotion, Nintendo invited some of the best Melee and Smash Wii U players from around the world. They battled each… Continue reading Outsider in esports: Nintendo talks @ E3

Investing in esports, is it worth it?

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Time and money. Two things you always wish you have more off. If you decide you want to invest some of these assets in esports, you want to be sure it’s worth your effort. We at Mobile Wins keep a close eye on the development of the esports industry, since we invest a LOT. But… Continue reading Investing in esports, is it worth it?

A large prize pool doesn’t make a successful esports just yet

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Battle Royale is on the verge of becoming an esports genre. But what does it take for a game or genre to become a lasting esports? One thing is for sure: it takes more than just a large prize pool! Fortnites Epic Games announced a overwhelming prize pool of one hundred million dollars, that is… Continue reading A large prize pool doesn’t make a successful esports just yet

Counter Logic Gaming exit CS:GO

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Counter Logic Gaming have “stepped back” from Counter-Strike, the organisation announced Thursday. They will no longer field their primary or academy rosters, but will retain CLG Red, their women’s team, a spokesperson for CLG said. This news follows a report by independent journal Jarek “DeKay” Lewis that CLG was leaving CS:GO due to internal financial issues… Continue reading Counter Logic Gaming exit CS:GO

CDEC Gaming betting

CDEC Gaming betting – Your Guide for eSports Source: @Wykrhm via Twitter While eSports may seem like a completely different world when compared to more traditional sports, here at Mobile Wins, we never fail to be surprised by just how similar online and offline competitions often are. This is particularly true when it comes to upsets.… Continue reading CDEC Gaming betting

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