The impact of brexit on betting

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Brexit is reality. Time will tell whether the British made a good choice by ‘taking back control’. How the new political arena plays out for the gambling industry remains to be seen, but fact is that the world of regulations and licensing as we know it is about to shake up.

Betting on decks or players: bet safe on Hearthstone

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The most common mistake people make when betting on Hearthstone is lacking knowledge if how a TCG works and how players interact with strategies. More than any other genre, the banning (or nerfing) of cards (items or characters in other games) and the release of new card sets, affect the players greatly. While a League…

mobile esports are coming; what to expect?

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Jup. Mobile esports are becoming a thing. Even though at first sight the games and devices don’t lend themselves for competitive gaming, the market is just to big for companies not to exploit. And so they do. Two examples of this are the recurring Mobile Masters events organized by Amazon. This year feautering a prize…

This is a good time for betting on League of Legends!

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Remember a couple of years ago? You had Telecom T1 with their Messi of Lol, midlaner Faker. You had Team SoloMid with Bjergsen and G2’s Perkz. Greatness existed on midlane and whoever got out on top on that lane had a good chance of carrying their team to victory. Things have changed. There is no…

Chances to win big; the semi-pro circuit

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How do bookmakers decide on their odds? Well, a magician never truly tells ofcourse. But, you can assume that bookmakers have a closer watch on the major leagues and teams. Making the odds on the regional and semi-professional circuit a ‘wild west’ of odds. A place where you can win big, and likewise, lose big…

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