Alien Battle: Space Wars vs Milky Ways

Are you curious which slot will transport you to higher spheres? We’ll let you know in the space battle!

All science fiction fans gather! This week, an intergalactic battle is taking place between two popular slots games. Space Wars and Milky Wars are taking on each other. Both slots are out of this world in their own way, making them indispensable in the online casino. Wondering which slot will transport you to higher ground? We’ll let you know in this Battle of the Slots: Space Wars vs Milky Ways!

Space Wars – Netent

Space Wars is a funny slot machine with excellent graphics. Players who do appreciate spatial adventures and alien monsters will not be short of anything in this game. The symbols consist of five types of monsters, each of which also has an evolved form that is more valuable. It is clear to see that the creators of this game had a lot of fun designing the monsters, as they look rather comical and entertaining. Thus, a comparison with Pokémon and the animated film Monsters and co. is in order.

For complicated bonus features, Space Wars is not the place to be. This game is fairly straightforward, as you only play with the base game and a respin feature. On a winning combination, the respin feature is activated immediately. The monsters are transported into the universe in a kind of space accelerator, accompanied by a rousing space music. The winning symbol is supposedly cloned, making it appear more often on the reels. This means even more chances of a winning combination, especially with the Wild symbol in view.

You play Space Wars on 5 reels with 4 rows and there are 40 paylines. Especially fast players who are after a monstrous win are in the right place with this slot. After all, you bet from €0.40 and spend up to €200 per spin. Since there are no further bonus rounds, the game plays smoothly, although the high variance means you have to be patient for a while for astronomical winnings.

What is also not unimportant is the theoretical payout percentage. Although this is not a direct reflection of how much chance you actually have of winning, it does show what percentage of the bet statistically returns to the player. In Space Wars, this is 96.75 per cent, which is very neat.

Milky Ways – Nolimit City

Milky Ways is set in the Milky Way, or galaxy. It is estimated to have as many as 50 billion stars and has a diameter of about 20,000 light years. Numbers and distances that are hard for us mortals to comprehend! In this slot, you won’t find aliens, but you will see all kinds of stars, meteorites and glowing gems flying by. The playing area floats in the middle of space and is surrounded by spinning stars and meteorites. In terms of design, it is very similar to Starburst, with the colourful gems and space atmosphere. Yet Milky Ways looks a lot sleeker and more creative, and you can also win alien amounts!

You play Milky Ways on a clear 5×3 grid with 243 paylines. Three identical symbols in a row already result in a winning combination. The highest possible win is 5664x your bet. With a minimum bet of €0.20, this therefore earns you €1132. With the maximum €100 per spin, you can win a whopping €56,640 on this slot! There is nothing wrong with the RTP either, as it stands at 96.14%. Volatility is set at medium to high.

Milky Ways Extra’s

Furthermore, you can also expect some nice extras that make the game just a bit more interesting. Take the Milky Ways free spins, for example. If you land three Milky Way scatters, the playing area changes to a 5×5 layout. Due to the extra symbols, the number of ways to win is increased to 3125. Should you make another winning combination during the free spins round, you will be treated to a Fusion Spin. This makes the symbols of the winning combination stick and thus gives you a better chance of winning again. With a bit of luck, you’ll keep scoring respins, so the winnings can increase rapidly!

Should you want to give luck a helping hand, there is also a Buy a Bonus feature. This requires you to hand over 38x your stake, which is a nice investment for free spins. Whether this is really worth it, that remains to be seen. In any case, the opportunity is there!

Who wins the intergalactic battle?

Both slots are strongly set up and beautifully designed. Space Wars does have an edge over its alien opponent in terms of creativity, due to the legion of cheerful aliens that appear on screen. Milky Ways, on the other hand, has more bonus features that manage to add an extra dimension to the game. Fans of animated-style monsters who are satisfied with a simple game design will probably appreciate Space Wars more. As far as we are concerned, in the intergalactic battle with Space Wars vs Milky Ways, they will therefore win this space battle!

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