Club Kits Showdown | The Most Popular Premier League Kits

In sorting the catwalk from the sale rail, rating or slating, we’ve devised a smart new way of crowning the all-conquering club kits.

While some of the Premier League kits continue to fly off the shelves with perfect patterning and colour combinations, others have fallen flat and are making an instant beeline for the winter sales.

Great attitude by James Cahill after his win over #Ronnieosullivan. Go big or go home. Very interesting to see how he handles himself under a different kind of pressure, cause he’s going from ‘nothing to lose’ to ‘all eyes on me’… #WorldSnookerChampionship #WednesdayMotivation

These were the best april fools day gaming jokes!

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Looking for pranks on april first is like asking a woman if she’s pregnant when your in doubt. There are a lot of patches and releases to go around, and some are so sketchy it’s hard to tell if they are real or a joke. Waking up on april 1’st, we immediately fell for joke… Continue reading These were the best april fools day gaming jokes!

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