Match of the day: World Elite vs Top Esports

There is a big difference in the betting scene between the asian countries and Europe/USA. In the east, betting is an activity in itself. It doesn’t matter where you bet on, as long as you bet. Because betting is fun.

How esports handles the impact of the corona virus

It is to no one surprise that the bookmakers have shifted their attention from physical sports to esports. Not only bookmakers, also sport fans are desperately looking for their shot of adrenaline and serotonin from a good match! Esports on first glance seems to be the perfect suspect to satisfy our needs.

Investing in esports, is it worth it?

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Time and money. Two things you always wish you have more off. If you decide you want to invest some of these assets in esports, you want to be sure it’s worth your effort. We at Mobile Wins keep a close eye on the development of the esports industry, since we invest a LOT. But… Continue reading Investing in esports, is it worth it?

A large prize pool doesn’t make a successful esports just yet

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Battle Royale is on the verge of becoming an esports genre. But what does it take for a game or genre to become a lasting esports? One thing is for sure: it takes more than just a large prize pool! Fortnites Epic Games announced a overwhelming prize pool of one hundred million dollars, that is… Continue reading A large prize pool doesn’t make a successful esports just yet

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