Lol Challengers Korea Spring: Brion Blade vs Spear Gaming

We’re always happy to cover the League of Legends Challengers Korea Spring games. Why? Because the level in Korea is simply so high and their playstyle is really unique. Today we have Brion Blade facing off against Spear Gaming. We’re likely gonna see Wizer, Doill, Jiin, Heza and Minit with their low hp high skill strategy against a more solid,, Tank, Jaguar and Dalka.

Even though Brion Blade is higher up the ladder (10th in Korea and 147th in the world), last encounter of 27th februari has been in favour of Spear Gaming ( 15th in Korea and 340th in the world). It looked liked Miss Fortune was making all the difference, with both teams picking her for a win. But third game an Ezreal took the last game home for Spear Gaming against the very same Miss Fortune.

Since that game, Brion Blade has been picking up speed while Spear Gaming can’t seem to get two consecutive wins lately. Seeing they won their last, does that mean that this is bound to be a loss? The gamble is up to you!