Streaming on Facebook? Youtube and Twitch are about to get some serious competition

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A good indication of how popular a niche is becoming, is looking for big companies to adapt that niche. Even though eSports can hardly be called a niche anymore, the uprising of worldwide mainstream popularity is still relatively young. Today one of the biggest companies of worldwide mainstream culture is opening up to all developers…

Community against ESL for Katowice schedule

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Back against the wall. ESL Faces incomprehension from the community. Again. ..This time it’s the ESL One Katowice Major schedule to blame. And in good fashion, ESL has responded on reddit promising to look into some options to ease the frustrations of fans and improve the experience for fans attending. So what is the story…

Mobile Wins’ top 10 gamer girls

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Mobile Wins Esports brings you the ten most talented and charming ladies in the world of video game streaming. They’re cool, they’re hot, and they can game. Earning some serious money while doing it. Scroll down to discover what your new favourite past time will be (if it wasn’t already).

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