UK Gambling Sites that you should know

Gambling is more than just logging in on a casino to play a game. There are communities, there are tips, there is much to learn and peripheral matters to be aware of. These are the useful UK gambling sites you should know about.

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The United Kingdom has a long, extensive gambling tradition. Maybe more than any other culture in the world. To many, gambling is a form of leisure. For others gambling is the cherry on the pie when it comes to watching sports. To some, gambling can turn out to be problematic. For all these groups (and some people belong to multiple at the same time), there are various websites to help you further. Websites regarding expert betting tips, websites with hard to find promotions, websites with a community of like minded and websites that can help you with a gambling addiction (or preventing one). These are UK Gambling sites that everyone should know:

The Gambling Community

The name Gambling Community says it all: this is a community for like minded people. You can share your high’s and lows, your tips and bonuses and simply meet new people. The Gambling Community is considered to be thé site for everyone that considers gambling to be more than just recreational. For everyone that truly enjoys gambling for the gambling, not just for the win or a pastime. You will find famous gamblers with a big following on Youtube and Twitch. Discover the world of gambling behind the online casinos. You will find true friends!

The Gambling Community has giveaways, news and leagues. Though the main reason for visiting this UK gambling site is their Forum, that is where the magic happens and where you can become a better gambler. Wins are shared, consolation over losses and addiction is found and most of all, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Support Line

Support line is a great website that offers an overview of all the available channels for various (mental) problems. This site caters to a UK audience for subjects ranging from alcohol to stress and relationships. For over 50 topics in total, including gambling, you will find links to every available informative website or institution. For problematic gambling, you will find links to ten websites and five telephone numbers that you can contact for help.

This is a great website to have at hand when you notice your gambling behavior is showing signs of addiction. In our responsible gaming section you will also find information on indicators of problematic gambling as well as useful links that you will also find on Support Line. Even when you don’t consider yourself a problematic gambler or addicted, it is to be encouraged for everyone to take a look for indicators nevertheless. Remember that playing games is for amusement and excitement, not as a substitute to a daytime job or to deal with debts.

UK Gambling Sites: Power Slots

We don’t usually promote the competition, but we’ll make an exception for Power Slots Casino. This ‘Red Bull among Casino’s’ truly is an adrenaline trip for even the most experienced players. This casino focuses on energy packed slots that are audio visually appealing. The fact that the url of this casino ends with .com does not mean they shy away from UK players. In recent years Power Slots is gathering a larger and larger player base that share the need for speed. An interesting niche!

In a way they look a lot like us, but Power Slots lacks the sportsbook that makes us one the most loved UK gambling sites. Nevertheless, it’s a great casino with a great games collection and fabulous bonuses. If you like slots that just keep on giving, Power Slots might be the casino for you!

Ask Gamblers

Ask Gamblers has a little overlap with The Gambling Community. Both are driven by content from players, especially the casino reviews, which makes them more trustworthy. The biggest difference is that TGC is all about the forum, while AG is more about finding up-to-date information about new games, all casinos and their promotions. Ask Gamblers can be considered the biggest ‘casino catalog’ online. 

Ask Gamblers is an authority within the world of gambling, and for good reason. They have a spotless reputation that dates back to the early days of the internet, for the simple reason that they are transparent and objective. Next to reviews and news Ask Gamblers offer strategies to table games and a bit about betting, although for the latter you are better off with:

The UK Betting Forum

The last of the UK Gambling sites you should know is the betting forum. What the Gambling Community is for casino games, is the UK Betting Forum for (expert) betting tips. The UK betting culture is the richest in the world and you should profit from all that knowledge. With 134,892 threads and 566,859 messages from 4,309 members (and counting), you become part of the country’s most knowledgeable betting family. 

Horse racing, football, greyhounds, golf, darts and rugby: all UK popular betting sports have their section. Learn from the best and master the trade yourself. If you sign up and make a name with betting tips on your own, be sure to let them know about our great bonuses and promotions!

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