Club Kits Showdown – The Most Popular Premier League Kits

In sorting the catwalk from the sale rail, rating or slating, we’ve devised a smart new way of crowning the all-conquering club kits.

While some of the Premier League kits continue to fly off the shelves with perfect patterning and colour combinations, others have fallen flat and are making an instant beeline for the winter sales.

This is a good time for betting on League of Legends!

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Remember a couple of years ago? You had Telecom T1 with their Messi of Lol, midlaner Faker. You had Team SoloMid with Bjergsen and G2’s Perkz. Greatness existed on midlane and whoever got out on top on that lane had a good chance of carrying their team to victory. Things have changed. There is no…

Team Vitality Gears up with Renault: Enter Renault Sport Team Vitality

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After years of providing engines for Formula 1 and cars for rally racing, Renault strengthens its ties with sports once more. This time they set their eyes on eSports, and once they have their eye on something the teeth usually follow. This is no exception. The French eSports Team Vitality and the car brand team up…

OpTic Gaming international CS:GO roster

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OpTic Gaming has signed a new CS:GO roster, which features players from both North America and Europe. Gear up with k0nfig, Nicklas Gade and cajunb, the Danish crew that will accompany the Americans ShahZaM and Stanislaw on the Optic Gaming new CS:GO roster. Being benched last November,  Stanislaw has been absent for most of the…

100 Thieves are here to stay

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‘Teams need more preparation time’ and ‘experienced players have a hard time putting their egos aside’. There were low expectations about the quality of team 100 Thieves going into the NA LCS. Not surprising, as the team got permission to enter the tournament last November and only got its final lineup in December. Furthermore, midlaner…

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