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Is there still fun in a competition when the title seems to be on it’s way to Manchester half way in? There sure is! We are looking at bets for runner up, Champions League tickets and topscorer. Nothing won there yet.

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Let’s make a very bold prediction: Manchester City will win the Premier League title

All jokes aside. Even if it is obvious (although half a season is still long) that Manchester City will win the title, there are still enough interesting predictions to be made. And thus money to be earned. The Citizens can have their title. We are looking at the top 4, topscorer, and the teams that we might see in the Championship next year.

If you know something we don’t and you are sure either Chelsea or Liverpool manage to turn things around in the second half of the season. Feel free to profit! The odds for these Premier League Predictions 2022 run anywhere from ten to twenty-five times your stake.

Premier League Predictions 2022 with bonus

Your first bet of the year should be free. Join our sports book and make your Premier League Predictions for 2022 Get a Free Bet Bonus of £/$/€30. Terms and conditions are such that you can’t place this free bet on Manchester City winning the Premier League title, but other than that, most predictions discussed in this article are eligible.


Last year was a close call between Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah. In the end, it was Harry Kane that won the rope contest with a margin of merely one: 23 vs 22. Are things different this year? Yes, very. Harry Kane, only found the net in the Premier League this season 4 times in total, while Salah is already on a staggering 16. Being on top of the charts with a safe margin of six goals to the number two, Diogo Jota (also from Liverpool). 

A brilliant bet could be to predict the top three of the top scorer list all coming from Liverpool, as Sané is with 8 goals not far behind the competitors (Vardy from Leicester City is currently on nine goals).

Top 2 finish and to finish in top 4

While Manchester City seems loose from the competition, the second spot is wide open. Liverpool and Chelsea proved to be their equals recently in their 2-2 clash, and also both prove to be worthy to be runner up. An interesting bet for sure.

With one of these teams claiming second place, it means the other will likely end up third (the gap with Arsenal and Chelsea is currently 7 points). Leaving only one spot for the top four finish. A Premier League 2021/2022 to finish in top 4 is a more speculative bet than predicting the top 2, but the odds make up for that.

We currently see Arsenal, West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United all in the race for the final Champions League ticket.

Who will finish last?

Outright winner bets are among the most popular bets in bookmaker history. When that bet becomes a formality, people look at the other side of the spectrum for a similar bet: who will finish on the bottom of the Premier League?

With four teams competing for this doubtful honour (Norwich City, Newcastle United, Burnley & Watford), this indeed seems to be thé bet that spans over the season.

There are some things to take into consideration. Newcastle United is going HAM in the current transfer window and Norwich City has had a terrible december due to Covid, while they seemed to have found the way upwards in november. We are fearing we will miss the beautiful Burnley kits next year.

‘Special’ betting markets

For the more creative and adventurous punters among us, there are plenty of ‘fun’ betting markets that you can venture into. These are bets that have the big upside of claiming fame in the local pub. Not something to look down upon. Take a look at the following crazy bets and pick your poison:

  • Next manager to get sacked
  • Who will score from their own half?
  • Betting on transfer rumours
  • Next manager at Manchester United
  • Number of minutes on the pithc for Donny van de Beek (poor Donny)

Most of these bets are not standard offers (obviously). You can always request a bet with us and see if we can put out some odds that get your senses tingling. Such bets always deserve more than a ‘what if..’.

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