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The Premier League is the strongest, most popular competition around. And the most fun to bet on! That means cracking action every single week, where pretty much every team has to give their best to stand their ground. Let’s take a deep dive into the beauty that is the Premier League. And add some bonus fun while we’re at it.

The Premier League is the strongest, most popular competition around. And the most fun to bet on! That means cracking action every single week, where pretty much every team has to give their best to stand their ground. Let’s take a deep dive into the beauty that is the Premier League. And add some bonus…

A bet on Premier League action means betting on the best football league in Europe. Ask people around the world, experts or not, and they will agree that the Premier League is the strongest league there is (few Spaniards aside maybe). Which immediately makes it the most fun to bet on!

There are almost no weak teams and the Premier League is home to football stars like Kane, Salah, de Bruyne, van Dijk, Saka en Haaland; the list goes on and on. They guarantee spectacle, the secret ingredient of the Premier League.

Qualifications & Relegations

As many as four teams qualify for the Champions League each year and the number five get to play in Europe’s ‘second division’, the Europa League. They are joined by the winner of the FA Cup, the world’s most famous National Cup. No fewer than three teams relegate to the second division, the Championship, every year.

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Bet on the best teams in the world

The Premier League is the oldest league in the world. Which is fairly obvious, since modern football was invented in England (we’re not gonna sing that song). A lot of the Premier League teams date from the 19th century! Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City are all clubs that have a shot at the title.

Which immediately explains why the Premier League is the hardest (and most popular) competition to play in.

The statistics don’t lie and show how beautiful the Premier League is! Last season, a staggering average of 2.60 goals per game (2.80 the season before) were netted. What a league to place bets on! The 2021-2022 season is the most intense ever, with Manchester City and Liverpool battling head to head for the title. For the umpteenth time.

Streak of records

Back in 2018, Manchester City became champions with an insane 106 goals! Just a year later, in the 2019-2020 season, Liverpool are going away with records. If not for Covid, some records would have been broken. These two clubs have been keeping each other on their toes for years.

Liverpool is a well-oiled machine. The best Liverpool ever, according to Klopp. Their strength has always been in iron-clad defence (although they scored 84 goals last season too), but the gap in attack is getting smaller. An interesting statistic is that the +2.5 goals per game was achieved in 51% of games last season.

These are all figures that can help you place strategic bets, as the bookies had their odds at +2 goals per game on average. We saw a similar advantage for the ‘both teams to score’ statistic last season with 52% of games.

Become a pro in Premier League Betting

One of the most lucrative is predicting the exact score of a match. Also one of the most difficult. Last season we saw that the score 1-1 was recorded in 11.84% of the matches. This is a statistic that has been stable for a number of seasons, with percentages always around 10%.

When two teams meet that you think will be satisfied for whatever reason with a draw, it can pay to place the 1-1 bet. The odds are usually above 5.00 and definitely worth the gamble!

The Premier League is also the competition of striker superstars. Players like Salah and Kane are so consistent (32 and 30 goals last season) that placing a bet on them scoring when they are fit is a good gamble. Look at the history of strikers against certain clubs, you will find they have their favourites!

What to look for in a bet

Next to the statistics, there are basic guidelines of Premier League Betting. Mobile Wins is your tutorial to Premier League UK betting success! When placing a bet, look at the form of the team in the last games as well as what (key)players might be suspended or injured. What will be the likely eleven that walk on the field and do they represent the team of the last few weeks? Let’s look at an example.

Leicester is facing Fulham and Jamie Vardy has shown to be in top form with three goals in the last two matches. A bet on the foxes seem likely. But then you remember Vardy played with the national team last week and suffered a minor injury. He will start the match, but your bet becomes less safe until you see if he recovered enough. Live betting can be a solution here.

What is at stake?

In the first part of the season certain teams that can be considered underdog can sometimes defeat their bigger brothers since those teams might struggle with their composition/strategy (remember Wolves? Or Brighton? Or Leicester, who took it all the way to the title).

In the half of the season you can expect the bigger team to perform the way expected from them. Then at the end of the season, surprises are bound to happen again. Let’s say Chelsea are not competing for the title and have qualified for the Champions League. They could very well lose against the likes of Huddersfield Town fighting for their last chance of survival.

Look at the quality of the bench, that will usually determine how teams perform the latter part of the season. Look at the ambitions. What clubs have openly said they want to go for European Football this season and what teams are looking to (safely) become 10th in the competition?

Best Betting Opportunities

Mobile Wins has some of the best odds out there, along with all the great bonuses and other promotions! You can predict matches or predict the eventual winner of the Premier League. Did you know that the odds in the 2016-2017 season were 5000 to 1 that Leicester city would become champions? The same odds that Elvis would have been found alive that year! And yet it happened.

It can really pay off to place a bet on an underdog here! You can also predict who will be relegated at the end of the season and who qualifies for the Champions League. You can have so much excitement all year long with just one small bet!

Premier League Format

The Premier League does not differ much from the Eredivisie in set-up. The differences that exist are worth mentioning. The Premier League is a competition in which 20 teams participate. All teams meet twice, making a total of 38 rounds of play. For every win you get three points, for a draw one point and for a loss zero points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points is the Premier League champion. In case of a tie, the goal difference is considered.

There are no play-offs. Not even for the relegators. Three teams are directly relegated to the Championship every year. Promotion to the Premier League does involve play-offs for the third promoted team. The top four teams in the Premier League will play Champions League football next season. Depending on who wins the FA Cup and the EFL Cup, there are also places to be divided for the Europa League and Conference League. The season starts in August and runs until mid-May.


The Premier League is a cut-throat competition. Same goes for the Championship by the way. There are plenty of examples of teams that once shone in the upper tier of the Premier League and have since disappeared from the scene. Think Blackburn Rovers, Fulham and Nottingham Forest, for example.

The teams that have played the most minutes in the Premier League (and thus never been relegated) are Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and Everton. The fact that there are no certainties in this league is underlined by the fact that Everton may or may not make it this season. In total, there are 47 football clubs that have played at least one season in the Premier League. This makes it one of the most diverse national leagues in the world.


Since the turn of the century, there has been a trend where a top five has emerged, with competition struggling to come between them. This has everything to do with the explosion in financial resources of clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

In the first decade, there was talk of the ‘big four’; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City have recently joined this list. All the more extraordinary that Leicester City unexpectedly won the title in 2015/2016.

In the last five years, only two clubs have shared the title between them: Manchester City and Liverpool. Analysts didn’t expect this to change in the coming years.

Fast forward to 2022, where Arsenal are the surprise of the season. And Liverpool looking particularly shaky.


If any teams are going to make the above football superpowers difficult, they are Chelsea and Manchester United. Chelsea have been ‘best of the rest’ for several years, but have managed to add some national cups and a Champions League. What the future holds will depend on the situation surrounding Abramovic’s sale of the club. It will not be up to the selection and coach, Thomas Tuchel.

Manchester United is the fallen giant. An operation many great coaches have already ventured into, without success. Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho both failed to revive the times of Alex Ferguson. In fact, since then, the club has only got worse. Next season, none other than Erik ten Hag may try to bring the club back to its glory days.

An almost impossible task according to analysts, but should he pull it off, he will make himself immortal and be on a par with Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp.

Betting Markets

England is the Las Vegas for sports bettors. Football, Formula 1, horse racing, darts, rugby, tennis; all these sports are best enjoyed on English soil. This popularity is reflected in the numerous betting markets and expert betting tips in the English (online) media.

Betting on Premier League is therefore not only enjoying beautiful football with great clubs and players, but also in terms of betting odds many times more interesting than betting on other leagues. We discuss a few ‘overall season bets’ here, but of course there are many more flavours on match level.

Top scorer, assists & cards

With bets where you can do an entire season, people quickly think of outright winner bets. With the Premier League, this is not that interesting. The odds for Manchester City and Liverpool are not worth waiting a year for. Betting on other clubs is a wild guess in this football landscape. For outright winner bets, you are better off betting on the Champions League. There are so many good contenders here that you can often earn 10 to 20 times your stake.

Betting on Premier League is more fun when you bet on the top scorer, assist king or who takes the most cards. With so many top strikers and tough defenders, there is plenty to choose from, as well as win. This season, Salah walks away with both the top scorer title and the assist title. Had you made a £10 combi-bet of this, you could book a week in Greece!

First Time Winner

Five thousand times your stake. That was what you got in 2015 on your bet that Leicester would become champions. Like putting your money on Espanyol in La Liga. And yet Leicester City won. Now we hear you thinking: ‘what if I bet on Leeds United then and it turns out to be Burnley that year?’

Fair question. To tackle this problem, you can bet on ‘first time winner’. This means that a team becomes champion that hasn’t been it yet. This includes all teams except, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City. Considering Spurs do not belong to this company, a first-time winner bet is never a waste of money.

Top 3 memorable Premier League matches

Disclaimer: you might have a different Top 3, we’re totally aware of that. Also, this top 3 is in no particular order.

1. Tottenham Hotspurs 3-5 Manchester United: September 29, 2001

United’s Epic Comeback

One of the most epic comebacks in Premier League history. After 45 minutes, Manchester were behind by three goals, but in the second half, David Beckham, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ruud van Nistelrooy and co. made as many as five!

2. Liverpool 4-3 Newcastle United: 3 April, 1996

Unbelievable scenes at Anfield

According to many, the best Premier League match ever. Newcastle United could already smell the trophy, so close were they to their first title. However, it was Manchester United who won the title that year, as Liverpool turned dreams into nightmares in the last minute.

3. Newcastle United 4-4 Arsenal: February 5, 2011

Another cracking comeback

Van Persie scored the 0-4 for the Gunners in this match as early as the 26th minute. Smooth sailing after that. In fact, you’d think you’d seen the final score when the scoreboard showed 90 minutes. Enter a whirlwind of utter craze at St. James’ Park. Making Newcastle United the first team to turn the 0-4 deficit into a draw.


It is almost unimaginable, but in the 1980s, English football was looking a bit bleak, so to speak. The Football League First Division could not compete with Serie A and La Liga. The behaviour of English football supporters also caused uproar and reprisals by UEFA in Europe.

Something had to change. That something was the arrival of the Premier League in 1992 – with 22 teams at that time. TV money cranked up and clubs started competing internationally again. In the late 1990s, England took over from Italy in terms of big European trophies. This gap would only widen in the 21st century.


  • Where to bet on the Premier League?

    You can bet on this, and all other events and teams here with us in our own sportsbook!

  • How many teams play in the Premier League?

    There are 20 teams playing in the Premier League. There were once 22. Of the 20 teams, three are relegated every season. In total, there are 47 teams that have ever played in the Premier League.

  • The Sky Blues from Pep Guardiola are the favourites since they are breaking record after record, but Liverpool under Klöpp has no intention of handing over the title regardless of whatever record Manchester City might break. They hold Mohammed Salah, the topscorer and they hold crazy defensive stats with Virgil van Dijk. Then there is Tottenham with Harry Kane, the topscorer from the World Cup of 2018 and the runner up in goals last year, right behind as the outsider looking to ‘steal’ the title. The classic titan that is Manchester United is finally waking after the years of disappointing results under José Mourinho.

    Harry Kane was top scorer in the 2018 World Cup despite not winning or making it to the final with England, but there is no surprise that he is favourite to be top goalscorer in the Premier league this season. Next up behind him is Mohammed Salah for Liverpool. He was unlucky to have his World Cup experience plagued with injury and defeat but he will shine for Liverpool this season in the Premier League. Aubameyang for Arsenal and Aguero for Manchester City are also favoured by bookmakers all over the world. There will be strong competition for this accolade. Whatever you do, whatever you decide to place your bets on in this Premier League. Remember to place your bets not based on club love. Just place a small bet at the start off the season that your favourite club will become champion and from that point on choose to bet with your rational!

  • Which club has the most Premier League titles?

    Manchester United has the most Premier League titles. Thirteen in total. Not surprisingly, Louis van Gaal therefore called MU the “greatest club in the world” when he took office as coach there.

  • What are the best odds in the Premier League?

    Mobile Wins offers some of the best odds out there together with an awesome bonus and an online casino as a bonus! You can predict matches or predict the final winner of the Premier League. Did you know the odds in the 2016-2017 season were 5000 to 1 that Leicester city would be champion? The same odds that Elvis would have been found alive that year! It can seriously pay to place a little bet on an underdog here! You can also predict those who will be demoted at the end of the season as well as those who qualify for the Champions League. You can have so much excitement throughout all the year for just one small bet!

  • What role does the Premier League’s “Community Shield” play?

    The “Community Shield” is an annual match between the Premier League champions and the FA Cup winners, serving as the traditional curtain-raiser to the English football season.

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