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CDEC Gaming betting – Your Guide for Esports

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While Esports may seem like a completely different world when compared to more traditional sports, here at Mobile Wins, we never fail to be surprised by just how similar online and offline competitions often are. This is particularly true when it comes to upsets. Whatever sport you follow, you would imagine the route to success is a simple one – bring together the very best players in a chosen field and they are sure to come up with the goods which will ensure success, right? If only.

Upsets are a fundamental part of all kinds of sports and are partly the reason why we love them so much. David versus Goliath battles are truly compelling and when the little guy wins it is always a great story which will be remembered for years to come.

One of the biggest shocks in Dota 2 history came at The International 2015, when a new Chinese side which entered as a wildcard almost pulled off one of the greatest victories that the tournament has ever seen. That team was CDEC Gaming and in this guide we are going to explain exactly why the side is (still) worthy of your attention. We may also throw in a few CDEC Gaming betting tips too.

A Dota 2 underdog story

To start at the very beginning, the Shanghai-based team CDEC Gaming was originally formed in 2014 as a type of Dota 2 youth side for the LGD Gaming organization. However, just months after its creation, CDEC – which stands for Chinese Dota Elite Community – decided to go at it alone and became a separate team in its own right.

The side had mixed results initially, with them limping to a 13th to 16th place finish at the DAC 2015 event and then failing to qualify for The International 2015 directly. Forced to go down the route of a wildcard, the team did finally manage to secure a spot at the prestigious event, and the rest is history. A second-place finish in the group stage led to a spot in the upper bracket and an incredible run to the Grand Final. While they were unable to beat eventual champions Evil Geniuses, CDEC Gaming’s place in history as one of Dota 2’s greatest underdogs was already assured.

The second-place finish at The International 2015 secured the team winnings of $2.8 million, a huge sum which accounts for the majority of the team’s total career earnings of $3.5 million. It has been hard for the team to replicate its performance at that tournament and the result arguably remains the team’s high point so far, but they continue to compete at the highest level and it would not be a surprise to see them enjoy further success in the future.

CDEC Gaming

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Developing your CDEC Gaming betting strategy

Now that you know a little bit more about the team, it is time to turn your attention to the question of developing a strategy for CDEC Gaming betting. As the side’s own story shows, there are never any guarantees that things will go according to plan in a major Esports tournament – but despite that, we still believe that a little bit of planning can set you on the right course to success.

First up, we would suggest that you get to know the current roster of players which represent the team. Esports have a huge following these days and there is plenty of information online about the various competitors and statistics related to their performance. Analysing this detail should give you a good feel for the team, including the areas where they excel and any potential weaknesses which may put their future success in jeopardy.

In addition to reading up on the team, you should of course catch them in action at a few events. This is undoubtedly the best way to get a feel for their gameplay and how they perform under the pressure and spotlight of a major event. In addition, doing this allows you to also introduce yourself to CDEC Gaming’s rivals and the sides most likely to challenge the organization for the top spots. Again, make a note of strengths and weaknesses and use this information to compare and contrast sides which are set to face each other in the coming rounds.

Of course, if there is one moral to the story of CDEC Gaming, it is also that you should never underestimate an underdog either. Certain teams may be unfancied but that does not mean they are not deserving of your attention. Keep tabs on emerging talent and carefully consider whether they could genuinely have what it takes to spring a surprise in a battle against one of the big boys.

Away from tournaments, there is also much more you can do to get to grips with CDEC Gaming betting. Monitoring the news is absolutely vital if you are going to keep tabs on the very latest developments, including any roster changes which CDEC Gaming or its rivals may have made. We have seen numerous occasions when a team’s delicate balance has been upset by the loss of a key player, as well as new recruits giving sides the right skills to push forward for success. With this in mind, carefully examine the latest changes and how they make affect the Dota 2 scene.

Finally, keep an eye on social media and listen out for any gossip related to CDEC Gaming and its opponents. Are there whispers of unrest in a rival camp or are certain teammates arguing behind the scenes? While there may be no foundation to some rumors, it is important to not simply ignore them as they could ultimately have a bearing on a team’s tournament performance.

Prepare for thrills and spills with CDEC Gaming 

Very few teams have pulled off a shock in the manner that CDEC Gaming did in 2015 and while the side is yet to really push on following that performance, we still think they have plenty to offer to the Dota 2 Esports scene.

Check out the latest odds related to CDEC Gaming betting and the team’s rivals including Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming by heading across to our specialist pages now.

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