Valentines Day Casino Bonus

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are spreading the love by celebrating this day of roses, cards and flirts by bringing you bonuses, free spins and multipliers! So, even if you are spending this Valentine alone, you can join us at our other party called February Fiesta. You are going to love this!

The impact of brexit on betting

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Brexit is reality. Time will tell whether the British made a good choice by ‘taking back control’. How the new political arena plays out for the gambling industry remains to be seen, but fact is that the world of regulations and licensing as we know it is about to shake up.

Corona Spring Sports Calender

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A glimpse of hope for sports fans and betting fans that sports events and competitions will continue on short notice. Probably without the audience attending and with some unusual safety rules, but nevertheless something to get excited about.

Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 5

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New Zealand – Netherlands New Zealand is slightly the underdog in this match. Though this team is not to be underestimated. Having reached the finals of the Women’s World Cup Football for the fourth time in a row now and ranking 19th in the world. Though their appearances on the World Cup stage haven’t been…

A large prize pool doesn’t make a successful esports just yet

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Battle Royale is on the verge of becoming an esports genre. But what does it take for a game or genre to become a lasting esports? One thing is for sure: it takes more than just a large prize pool! Fortnites Epic Games announced a overwhelming prize pool of one hundred million dollars, that is…

Chances to win big; the semi-pro circuit

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How do bookmakers decide on their odds? Well, a magician never truly tells ofcourse. But, you can assume that bookmakers have a closer watch on the major leagues and teams. Making the odds on the regional and semi-professional circuit a ‘wild west’ of odds. A place where you can win big, and likewise, lose big…

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