RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich | Bundesliga Predictions

Which of the two clubs shall take the victory in their upcoming face-off: the established ruling Bayern, or the prospective upstarts Leipzig?

Champions League | 2021 winner Bet

The Champions League season 2019/2020 is reaching its climax. There are still 16 teams left in the race for the title of Champions League winner 2020. We’ll discuss their odds, their chances of winning and their matchups. Predicting outright winner at this stage of the season can be very lucrative.

Bayern München vs Red Bull Leipzig | Bundesliga Predictions

With Liverpool winning the PL Title in a record time, we will switch our focus towards more interesting title fights abroad. Spain, Italy and Germany have great competitions to watch this season, with all title favourites struggling against bald challengers.

Match of the week: Germany versus the Netherlands

It’s the first Euro 2020 Qualification break of the season and it’s packed with great matches. For our pick of the week, we take a closer look at Germany versus the Netherlands. Despite having a great squad, the Netherlands are far from qualified. Losing this match against their neighbour rivals will put them back at… Continue reading Match of the week: Germany versus the Netherlands

Match of the day: USA vs Spain

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Fun times are over! The United States had it fairly easy, but Jill Ellis and Company now face tougher opponents than the group phase. The tension has also gone up a bit: it’s go on or go home from now on! Spain is the first hurdle towards the championship, but this team has ambitions of… Continue reading Match of the day: USA vs Spain

Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 6

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Day 5 recap: Following our predictions, we would have won 3 out of 3. We said Netherlands and Sweden would take the win and the USA would win with over 4.5 goals. That last prediction was on the safe side, seeing they scored 13. On the other hand, the Dutch almost ended up in a… Continue reading Women’s World Cup Football Odds: Day 6

A close look at the European national competitions

We are reaching the end of the season. All over Europe champions are already being crowned or national competitions are reaching their climax. What are noticeable shake ups that we didn’t anticipate, what is still undecided and worth betting on and which teams are we going to see in the Champions League of 2019-2020? Last… Continue reading A close look at the European national competitions

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