A close look at the European national competitions

We are reaching the end of the season. All over Europe champions are already being crowned or national competitions are reaching their climax. What are noticeable shake ups that we didn’t anticipate, what is still undecided and worth betting on and which teams are we going to see in the Champions League of 2019-2020? Last but not least, are there already indications of trainers and players leaving the nest?

England: Premier League 2019

The top six of England is what you expect to see and that isn’t gonna change anymore (looking at points). That doesn’t mean it is all said and done; all the prices and Champions League spots are still undecided.

The Premier League is probably the most exciting national competition that offers betting fans some interesting games still to come:

  • 28-04: Manchester United is playing Chelsea for a direct Champions League ticket confrontation
  • 27-04: Cardiff is playing Fullham in a ‘six point’ degradation match, where especially Cardiff is looking to escape the axe by winning this one
  • 12-05: Liverpool is playing their last match against Wolverhampton (currently 7th). This will be the hardest match in their race for the title, losing the away game earlier this season)

Germany: Bundesliga 2019

Usually the Bundesliga is over and done at this stage, with 30 rounds in. Bayern Munich has it’s annual celebration and the number two is some twenty points behind.

This year could not be any more different. Although Bayern is one point ahead on the number two (Borussia Dortmund), things won’t be said and done until the last day of the competition.

Bayern has the same problem like the German national team; they are simply getting old and are in need of rejuvenation. A process that has gradually started and it seems that Bayern has turned the tide in time.

Another noticeable thing is that Schalke ‘04 is struggling for self-preservation. A team that played in the knockout phase of the Champions League this year has to worry about even participating in the Bundesliga next year. These are the interesting matches yet to come:

  • 26-04: Borussia Dortmund – Schalke ‘04: this would have been called a thriller once. Now these teams both represent the far end of the standings list. Still an interesting match for sure!
  • 12-05: RB Leipzig – Bayern Munich: the current number one versus the current number three. This is gonna be Bayerns hardest match in their hunt for the title. This one is gonna be epic.
  • 18-05: Bayern Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt: Last round of the season and the number one has to welcome the number four in their stadium.
  • 18-05: Borussia Mönchengladbach – Borussia Dortmund: If things haven’t been decided already, this is gonna be a thrilling day. The current number two has to visit the number five in the standings. Things are really close!

Italy and France

Juventus and Paris Saint Germain cross the finish with no one else in sight while failing on the European stage (again). Nothing to see here, move on.

Spain: Primera Division

There must have been something in the food in Madrid this year, because it hasn’t been the season for both Atletico and Real. Barcelona profits so far, but isn’t champion of the Primera Division yet.

There are a staggering 38 rounds in this competition and with 4 rounds to go Atletico could theoretically still become the champion. I would not want to put my money on that one though. Is there still something to look out for?

The only action is in the second tier with Getafe, Valencia, Sevilla and Athletic de Bilbao (current numbers four to seven), that are within a range of 5 points 54-49 from one another. It is a shame that teams don’t directly meet each other anymore in the remaining matches of the season.

Some smaller competitions with an interesting finale

Ajax may be on top of things in the Champions League, in the national competition they have a hard time shrugging of PSV in the standings of the dutch national competition. The latter is 3 points behind, but with a game more to play. Should they win, there is only a gap in goals (currently +12) that is keeping PSV at bay. These are some interesting betting options right there.

Just as intense is the Portugese competition with Benfica and FC Porto equal in points, but Benfica having the better goal difference. That doesn’t necessarily mean Benfica has the advantage, since Porto has it easier now that it is out of the Champions League while Benfica still has intense matches in the Europa League.

On the edge of Europe, Turkey has an almost as exciting Süper Lig. Istanbul Basaksehir has three points on Galatasaray, but the latter has a better goal difference. Meaning one misstap from Istanbul can cost them the title as well. Interesting is that they still have to play each other, with Galatasaray having the home advantage.

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