Enter the Premier League Finale

premier league finale

Since the Leicester Championship, the Premier League has not been so exciting until the very end. Instead of an underdog rising to the top, this years tale is all about two giants wrecking everything in their path. It is hard to predict who will come out on top. Liverpool is ahead two points, but also a match. In other words, if Manchester City manages to win their remaining matches they will be champions. That is still not the whole story though, since the game that Manchester City has to play to equal those of Liverpool is against their rivals Manchester United. Not the easiest game by far, especially since Manchester United is hell-bent to win after losing to Everton 4-0 and losing to Barcelona twice in the Champions League.

Remaining Program(s)

So, who has the hardest remaining program? Decide for yourself:


  • friday april 26th: Liverpool – Huddersfield Town
  • may 4th: Newcastle United – Liverpool
  • may 12th: Liverpool – Wolverhampton Wanderers

Manchester City

  • april 24th: Manchester United – Manchester City
  • april 28th: Burnley – Manchester City
  • may 6th: Manchester City – Leicester City
  • may 12th: Brighton & Hove Albion

Predict the Premier League winner?

The question is if it’s worth this late in the season to predict the winner of the Premier League? The answer is yes and no. Sure odds aren’t as great as they were a couple of months ago, and it could be more rewarding to bet on what teams receive a Champions League ticket. But then again, betting on Liverpool still nets you quite a bit and could be worth the gamble. People reply that there is no way that Manchester City will lose any more games. If that is the case, then betting on Manchester seems an easy way to earn some money! We don’t dare to predict this one, but if City takes the derby tomorrow against United they will have very good papers of winning it all.

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