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Casino bonuses come in many forms, but if there is one bonus that is often handed out, it is the deposit bonus. Thus, for an online casino like , the casino deposit bonus is the main means of attracting new members.

Chances are your favourite casino also has one or even several deposit bonuses. This casino deposit bonus basically does what it promises: you deposit an amount of money and then get an extra bonus amount on top as a thank you.

Sounds like a fair deal to us. However, since one deposit bonus is not the other, there is plenty to say about this type of bonus. After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly how to recognise a good deposit bonus AND where to claim it.

What is a casino deposit bonus?

A casino deposit bonus is nothing but a bonus in exchange for a deposit. The player deposits a sum of money and receives a certain bonus amount on top of it. Often, a deposit bonus is offered as a welcome bonus, or for new players who create an account. Deposit bonuses can also be offered to existing players.

If the deposit bonus is only valid for the first deposit(s), it will be explicitly mentioned by the casino. However attractive, to claim the bonus amount, an action is required first; making a deposit.

Why do online casinos offer deposit bonuses?

Online casinos offer deposit bonuses for several reasons. For the casinos, it is a way of welcoming players. You sign up as a player on the site and as a thank you, you get a bonus from the house.

It is also a way for providers to distinguish themselves from all the other casinos, because with all the online offerings, players have their pick. If an online casino does not offer a bonus (for whatever reason), chances are the player will look further and sign up somewhere else.

Moreover, a deposit bonus is also a clever trick for the casino to encourage the player to play for money. Think of it this way: an online casino does not gain much if you only create an account and remain inactive.

Ultimately, the operator wants you to deposit money and offering a deposit bonus is just that extra push. Because no matter how attractive a bonus may be, as a player you have to deposit money first.

Casino deposit bonus: how does it work?

This casino bonus is quite simple in design and consists of a bonus amount that is released after making a deposit. Usually, however, a minimum deposit is required to claim the bonus.

This again involves certain minimums and maximums which are shown in a percentage (e.g. 100%) and a monetary amount (up to €150). So if we add this together, a possible deposit bonus could be a 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €150 that requires a minimum deposit of €10.

How much bonus amount you get depends on the deposit you make, but in our example it can never exceed €150. For the sake of clarity, we’ll now grab the percentage, as this makes it easy to calculate how much money you are entitled to.

Imagine you deposit the minimum amount of €10. Then you get €10 + 100% which comes down to €10 + €10 = €20. Of this, €10 is bonus money and €10 is your own money. Do you deposit € 50? Then you get € 50 + € 50 (=100%) = € 100. However, if you make a deposit of € 200, you are limited to the maximum of € 150, so you won’t get € 200 (=100%) due to the inclusion of this condition.

What should you look out for when claiming a deposit bonus?
That brings us straight to the bonus conditions associated with every casino bonus and thus also with the deposit bonus.

By setting conditions, the online casino covers itself, and they have that right if you ask us. Were they not to do so, a mega sum could be grabbed with a deposit of €0.10, so to speak.

Minimum Deposit & Maximum Bonus

For this reason, there are always a maximum percentage, minimum deposit and maximum amount attached to the deposit bonus. The conditions just mentioned are some examples of this, as there is usually a whole list of conditions. In fact, these are so important that they can make or break a casino bonus.

Unlock bonus

Besides the minima and maxima mentioned, it is important to pay attention to the maximum bet with the bonus money, and the redemption conditions.

These round-play conditions are to avoid cashing out the bonus money immediately after a single spin. The condition comes in a number and means you have to play the bonus amount an x number of times.

For example, a roundtable condition of 35x means you must have wagered the cash amount at least 35 times. With some bonuses (such as cashbacks), wagering requirements do not always apply; unfortunately, with deposit bonuses, you cannot avoid them.

What types of deposit bonuses are there?

Although they are essentially all the same – you deposit and get rewarded – deposit bonuses come in different varieties. The most common variant is obviously the welcome bonus, but there are more that are common. Below is a brief overview of the different types of deposit bonuses and what they differ in.

Welcome bonus

The deposit bonus lends itself well to attracting new players. For a casino, offering a reward in exchange for a deposit is an important way to welcome new players. The player gets a reward, the casino gains a customer; voila, everyone is happy. Since the deposit bonus in a welcome bonus is only meant for new customers, it therefore also means that existing players are not entitled to it.

Should the bonus be intended only for new players, this is explicitly mentioned in the bonus. It is often a deposit bonus for the first deposit, in some cases also for the second and even third deposit.

Free Spins

Free spins are another common bonus that gives players the chance to play a game without wagering their own money. At least, that is how it is often communicated. So if they are free spins in exchange for a deposit, as a player you do have to deposit money first. Should you be planning to do that anyway, then this deposit bonus could get really interesting. In fact, you now get free spins as a reward.

The free spins bonus is also subject to conditions such as a certain bet per spin and the usual minimums and maximums as mentioned earlier. Free spins can be offered as part of a welcome bonus or as a separate bonus.

Reload Bonus

We talked earlier about the welcome bonus which is only for new players. The reload bonus is the counterpart to that, as it is only meant for existing players. The term reload bonus is less common in the UK, but it stands for nothing but any deposit bonus that is not part of a welcome package.

Technically, there are no other differences between a welcome bonus (in English; match bonus) and a reload bonus. However, the target group (new vs existing players) is different and therefore the terms and conditions may also be different.

Loyalty Bonus

The online casino deposit bonus can also be intended for a select group of players such as high rollers, VIPs or loyal players. In principle, the higher a player’s rank or level in the loyalty programme, the more attractive the deposit bonus becomes.

Note that loyalty programmes are not offered in the UK. At foreign online casinos, however, they are very common. However, these casinos are not licensed by the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA).

Deposit bonuses checklist

Deposit bonuses can quickly tempt you to make a deposit, but our advice is to really read the terms and conditions carefully first. Simply put: don’t stare blindly at a bonus and determine whether it will really benefit you as a player.

So, what should you all pay attention to and consider when claiming a deposit bonus? The following standard steps are useful to keep in mind:


In order to avail the deposit bonus, registration is required. In fact, this is a basic requirement for any online casino in the United Kingdom. After all, you can’t play without registration, and by making a deposit you are, after all, indicating that you want to play for money.

However, registration is also required to confirm the player’s identity. Among other things, this prevents minors or problem players from accessing the casino lobbies. Deposits can only be made in the UK if the account is registered.


Once the bonus money has been credited to your account, it is time to play with it and make your first bet. This is subject to a number of conditions such as a maximum bet and the wagering requirements.

If these were not in place, players could bet a large amount of money on roulette, for example, and cash in immediately on a good outcome. As you can imagine, this could be very bad financially for the casino. The wagering conditions are in place to prevent this scenario.

Selected games

Casino bonuses are often linked to one, some, or a certain selection of games. These may be selected games based on categories such as online slots and table games (and therefore not live casino games), or titles.

The valid and excluded games can often be checked in the bonus terms and conditions. These can vary from promotion to promotion, so check again with each casino bonus to see which games are included and which are excluded.

For some bonuses, multiple categories (i.e. casino, live casino, sportsbook) are valid, but different contributions apply per item.

Limited validity

Every promotion has a certain validity and this is no different with deposit bonuses. The valid term is usually clearly stated by the casino in its terms and conditions. A date and time is often used. However, keep in mind that there is a validity period for both claiming and playing around. So you have to claim the promotion on time and then you also have a time limit to play with the bonus money.

Advantages and disadvantages deposit bonus
As you have understood by now, there are plenty of advantages of deposit bonuses, but there are also some disadvantages that deserve attention. To give you as much clarity on this as possible, we have listed everything for you below:


Bonus money for players who wanted to deposit anyway
Common at many casinos
Lowers average bet per spin
Offered for both new members and existing customers


Deposit required; deposit first, then rewards
Usually strict terms and conditions
Play first with own money, then bonus money
Not possible to cash out immediately


There are all kinds of casino bonuses, but surely the most common is the deposit bonus. This bonus requires a deposit after which the casino rewards the player with bonus money. This is often in the form of a welcome bonus, but deposit bonuses are also common for existing players.

Whoever the bonus is for, make sure you are always aware of the bonus terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are usually quite strict and should therefore be checked carefully. The attractiveness of a casino deposit bonus also largely depends on these terms and conditions. Deposit bonuses are offered in the UK by online casinos with a UKGC licence. You can recognise this by the logo that is usually found at the bottom of the site.

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