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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a casino game with pure class. It has been around for hundreds of years, dating back all the way to the reign of pre-modern kings.

For a long time, it was associated with tuxedo’s and highrollers. Today anyone can play! Punto Banco is the most played variant of Baccarat. It’s seen as the North American version that is seen the most in casinos.

Other versions of the game are chemin de fer and banque. These last versions are being seen a lot in James Bond movies where the ‘Bond girls’ are taking statistically dubious decisions.

The purpose of a game of baccarat

Although it looks like a complicated game, in practice baccarat is actually quite simple. The objective is that you bet on the hand with 9 points or the one closest to it. By betting well, you can win money. Of course, it can also turn around, causing you to bet wrong and thus not take a profit. But to do this well, it’s important to know the scoring, because the cards are the basis.

The baccarat scoring system

For baccarat, a standard set of cards is used and the point distribution ultimately determines the total score, however, this depends on the value some cards have. For example, the distribution is as follows:

  • Ace – 1 point
  • King, Jack, Queen and 10 – 0 points
  • 2 to 9 – the identical value of those cards

However, how it works in practice differs from, say, the point distribution in blackjack. For instance, it is possible that with two cards you pass the 9. Let’s say you have a 5 and a 6, which adds up to 11 points. However, a 10 is 0 points, effectively putting you at 1 point. As a result, the game is not evenly over for you if you pass the 9 with two cards.

You can’t keep buying cards indefinitely, however, as both punto and banco normally get a maximum of three cards, but can become more as the game progresses, about which more in a moment. What is that we hear you already thinking? Well, it’s simple: punto represents the player and banco represents the dealer. If you come across the game ‘Punto Banco’ in a casino, it is simply baccarat, given that this is an alternative name.

Betting on the cards

With the workings of the scoring explained, let’s now look at betting. There are three options in this: you can bet on the dealer, the player or a draw. This means you bet on whether you yourself or the banker reach 9 points or come close to it. A draw is also possible, allowing you to bet on that too.

In each round, punto and banco are both dealt two cards at once and the number of points is then immediately called. If 8 or 9 points are dealt, then the third card is automatically passed. In case the punto has 0 to 5 points, then the third card will follow and pass if 6 or 7 points are dealt. Once the punto passes, the banco will have to take another card if the number of points so far is less than 5.

If the banco has been dealt 0, 1 or 2, it will take another card and the banco must pass if the total number of points has reached 7. However, handing cards to the banco depends very much on how the punto’s points stand. Therefore, the following list is important:

  • Banco with 3 points: extra card if punto with third card does not have 8.
  • Banco with 4 points: extra card if punto with third card is between 2 and 7.
  • Banco with 5 points: extra card if punto with third card is between 4 and 7.
  • Banco with 6 points: extra card if punto with third card is between 6 and 7.
  • Banco with 7 points: automatic pass
  • Banco with 8 or 9 points: no extra card

If betting correctly on the dealer or player, then the profit margin is 1:1. For a correct draw bet, the payout is 8:1.

Winning at Baccarat

Once you are familiar with the basic rules of Baccarat, you will soon look for new strategies and game tips to increase your success. These tips will already help you on your way.

Know the rules!

It sounds very banal but it is a common mistake. Players appear at the table with minimal knowledge of the game, causing them to make trivial mistakes, miss opportunities or fail to notice mistakes made by the croupier or opponents. Google is your friend!

Play wisely

Baccarat is and remains a game of chance, which is why it is important not to take too many risks. For instance, don’t immediately play on tables where there are large stakes and set a limit on the amount you will play in advance. That way, you keep it fun for yourself.

Baccarat bonus

Many online casinos offer new players a Baccarat bonus that allows you to play for free. This is a great way to get to know the game and also try out the casino in question. The Baccarat bonus can be a free play bonus where you get a credit that you may wager within the set time limit.

You get to keep the winnings in most cases. Besides this no-deposit bonus, there is also the deposit bonus where you get a percentage of, say, 100% or 150% extra play credit on top of your deposit. So the Baccarat bonus not only allows you to play longer, but also gives you extensive gaming experience and increases your chances of winning.

Choose a side

In baccarat, you can bet on the Banco, the Punto or on a draw. However, draws are far less likely to occur, so choose a side you bet on. Although you may be tempted to bet on a draw because of the high win rate, the chances of winning are a lot lower.

Gradual betting

Explore your luck first and start with low stakes. If luck is on your side, slowly increase your bet and see if luck stays on your side. Decide what amount you are going to play for each moment and don’t stick too much to a particular bet.

Baccarat has a very low house edge and rewards skill. To keep the house edge as low as possible, it’s important you never make the ‘tie’ bet. That simply costs you a valuable percentage. Now, when you get to the table: bet on the banker until it loses, it simply has the best chances of winning with just over 50%!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Baccarat

  • What is baccarat?

    Baccarat is a fairly simple card game, where you bet on one of three outcomes: a win for you, a win for the bank, or a draw. Once your bet is placed, the cards are revealed and you see whether your guess was correct. In baccarat, you bet on the hand closest to 9, which could be your own or the bank’s. Also, the bank’s and your cards can be the same. In that case, it’s a draw. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

  • Why play live baccarat?

    If you fancy a game of baccarat but are unable to get out of the house, this is a suitable solution. You can play from wherever you are. This way, you get the casino experience at home without having to go to too much trouble.

  • Can anyone play live baccarat?

    Yes, provided you are 18 years of age or older and have a registered account at an online casino offering live baccarat.

  • What do I need for live baccarat?

    A registered account along with an internet connection and a device will suffice. Think smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • How does live baccarat work?

    The card game is played on a dedicated baccarat table, with the dealer dealing the cards. You use the interface to determine the bet and whatever else may be important to your game. The rest happens automatically. Both the dealer and the technology make the game easy for you, making it a relaxing experience.

  • Are all live baccarat dealers real?

    All dealers at live baccarat are real. They sit in a dedicated studio with high-quality audio-visual equipment, so the picture is razor-sharp and the audio crisp.

  • Can I play live baccarat with friends?

    Yes, it is possible to play live baccarat together with friends. To do so, you need to enter the same lobby at the online casino at the same time. You can additionally communicate with each other via in-game chat or other (private) channels.

  • Where can I play live baccarat?

    Nearly all online casinos offering a live casino segment, including ours, have the option of playing live baccarat. Check out the live casino section to see which live baccarat variants are available.

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