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Even more Blackjack variations, each with their own unique set of rules. Mobile Wins will explain them in detail for you!

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Over the past few weeks, you have been able to read a lot about blackjack. In particular, how the basic game works, which can be played in almost every casino. In addition, in a subsequent article we naturally looked at the variants, which are also widely offered. This is nice, as it allows blackjack enthusiasts to get even more out of the game. Given that there are so many variants, we will pay some attention to them one last time.

In this article, we will cover the remaining blackjack variants and how it is played, as each variant comes with its own set of rules. The good news is that the basis is always the original blackjack. If you know those rules or how to play it, then the variants are easy to understand. The advice is therefore to read this article first, before continuing in this piece.

Multihand blackjack

One of the common blackjack variants is ‘Multihand Blackjack’ and the name actually gives away how it works. This is because you can play with multiple hands, which is why six decks of cards are used, which are reshuffled every round. At the start of the round, multihand blackjack works in such a way that you initially choose how many hands you want to play.

You can then also decide what your bet is for each hand and double it if necessary, as well as lower it if a hand does not look to be that successful. Since you play blackjack with more hands by default in this game, the odds are higher for you and the bank. However, do know that the betting limits are usually lower in this game, which therefore encourages multiple hand play.

Single deck blackjack

This is the exact opposite of multihand blackjack, as this variant is played with only one deck of cards. Each round, the set of cards is reshuffled and you can only play one hand at a time. So it is a somewhat stripped-down variant of blackjack, where it is very straightforward. Ideal for newcomers as well as for playing at your leisure as you are not faced with all sorts of additional options, such as multiple hands, side-bets and so on.

Spanish 21

This variant of blackjack is one that is often seen as the blackjack variant with more chances for the player. Here, the tens are taken out of the eight-card deck, with the aim being to reach 21 points. At 21 points, the player always wins, even if the bank has blackjack. In addition, it is possible to double down after each card drawn, allowing you to raise the bet quickly.

If things seem to be going wrong, it is possible to surrender and limit the damage. The game also works with specific card combinations that pay more. For instance, you receive a 3:2 payout for an Ace with 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 in a mixed setup. If it’s even, the payout is 2:1.

Furthermore, the payout still varies depending on how many cards you have that add up to 21. Therefore, pay close attention to what the specific rules are at your chosen establishment, as this can vary a bit from casino to casino.

Super 7

The Super 7 blackjack variant comes with the option for a side-bet and this can be extremely lucrative. In this blackjack game, the side-bet is called the ‘Super 7’ and you are gambling, so to speak, how many 7s will be dealt. T

he more that are dealt, the higher your chances of picking up a good win. This starts with the first card. If you are dealt a 7 straight away, you will pocket a triple profit on one euro wagered. Although this is common, it can vary somewhat from casino to casino. Similarly, this is also the case for the maximum profit, which is potentially a 5000:1.

However, the chances of dropping many 7s are slim, so that makes it a real gamble. Playing this game without a side-bet? Then it is simply blackjack.

In conclusion

That concludes the common blackjack variants. This is by no means all of them, but the others are a bit more niche. Should you come across such a variant, always read up carefully. In 99% of cases, however, the basics are traditional blackjack, so it will never be very complicated. With this, we also conclude the explanation of blackjack. Next week we will look at another casino game.

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