Jackpot Slots

Deposit and get a whopping Match Bonus of 100% up to $/£/€200 to play with at our Jackpot Slots. Did one of the jackpots just drop? No problemo! We have at least another 24 jackpot slots that you can play that are just as equally interesting. We offer games from these premium publishers that are known to have make people rich beyond their wildest imagination before: NetEnt, MicroGaming, NextGen Gaming, Genesis Gaming and 1x2 Gaming.

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Play Jackpot slots here or read on to learn more about what jackpot slots are and how they work. Jackpot slots are games that offer a potentially huge win. You play in a similar way to regular slots but with more potential winnings. Jackpot slots are loved by many and, in a way, work similar to lottery tickets. You can win several prices but enter for the main price.

Casino Jackpot Slots

Casino Jackpots are perfect if you want to win big. At Mobile Wins we offer casino jackpots in the form of slot games. We are a full online casino. The time of winning casino jackpots in a land based casino is over. Digitally the thrill is just as exciting and offers fun whenever you desire. Although casino jackpots are great fun, we also offer many regular slot games that you can find here. So, what sets a jackpot slot aside from a regular slot? Allow us to explain!

High Volatility & low RTP?

Slots are defined by two parameters: volatility and return to player (RTP). The return to player percentage is that what the slot is giving back to players. So for instance, if a slot has a rtp of 97% it gives 97% of the money back to the players on average and 3% is the so called house edge (the profit of a casino). This on average is really important. Because one player might get back 60% of his or her money, while another player gets back 137%! This is in short what gambling is; trying to end up on the right end of the scale.

Next we have the volatility. This means how big the swings are between players. For example, a slot with a low volatility has a player doing bad losing 10% and winning 10% if they are doing good. A slot with a high volatility might have a player lose it all or winning his money multiple times over. And this is exactly what a jackpot slot is: extreme volatility!

Slots with Jackpots

A jackpot slot has a rather low rtp on first glance. Usually about 88% on average is returned to players. This is because a part of each spin goes to the ‘jackpot’. So while on average the return might be 88%. Winning the jackpot gives you back 100.000% or more! This is why this type of game is so popular with many players; it can be a life changing experience! Mobile Wins offers 24 slots with jackpots to choose from! Play your favourite game or choose the one with the highest current jackpot. On our homepage, you can find the game jackpots in pounds. Slots with jackpots are only as attractive as their current money offering. Always check this at Mobile Wins before deciding on a gamble. We are constantly adding new slots with jackpots to Mobile Wins . To keep up to date, sign up and play for real or in demo mode.

Mobile Jackpot Slots

The best thing of Mobile Wins is that all our slots are on mobile. That means we offer mobile jackpots to play at any time! Just browse through them here and give it a try. All our mobile jackpots have the same features as the desktop and tablet versions. And since we are a mobile casino, mobile jackpots work best at Mobile Wins! Some free tip on our part when playing; try to bet low amounts. There is a reason behind this. Each time you spin, you have a chance on winning the jackpot. Regardless of how big your bet is. Though a €10 has a 10x bigger spin chance to win the jackpot than a €1 spin, you can better spin 10x €1 than 1x €10. 

Chilli Gold 2 jackpot

You must have heard of the Chilli Gold 2 jackpot. It is one of the most popular jackpots in the web. The jackpot starts at a profitable €50,000 while the RTP remains high with 96,32%! Nothing to sneeze at! If you are a beginner, this jackpot may be a good start. If you have more experience, use that one of our other jackpot slots that might have a lower rtp but a higher jackpot. If you happen to win one of our jackpots, we wish you an insanely good time!

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