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Frequently Asked Questions about Live Roulette

  • Where can you play online roulette?

    Online roulette you can play at just about any online casino. The number of tables and also the types depend on the game providers the online casino works with.

  • Can you bet on red and black at the same time?

    That is possible. The question is whether this is smart. After all, you always lose one of the two bets. You can, however, bet on two numbers of different colours. Should you win, the win factor of 36 is probably enough to cover your loss on the other number.

  • What is the difference between a roulette strategy and a roulette system?

    The difference is quite simple: a roulette system deals with what to bet on (e.g. even/even or number), while a roulette strategy deals with exactly how much to bet. Or vice versa. They often go hand in hand.

  • How do you play Roulette online?

    Playing online Roulette is very similar to playing real roulette in your local casino. Roulette rules differ from game to game so the easiest way of finding out how to play roulette is to use the handy “Help” icon in each roulette game to read about the various types of bets allowed and how to place your bets. All of our Roulette games offer a Free Play option allowing you to get to grips with how to play roulette before starting to play roulette for real money.

  • How many people can you play online roulette with?

    As opposed to roulette in an old-fashioned casino, you can basically play online roulette with numerous people at the same time. No need to crowd around a real table, everyone can easily place their bets digitally.

  • What are the best payouts for online roulette?

    That depends on the game rules of roulette variant you play. The European variant (and French in particular) have better payouts than the American variant (double zero).

    The biggest profits are earned when you bet on a single number (36x). However, the question is whether this is a sensible roulette strategy.

    Try to play for risk minimisation rather than profit maximisation.

  • What is the winning strategy for online roulette?

    This depends entirely on your budget, the purpose of your session and how much time you have available. Do you want to play with a lot of risk for high profits or, on the contrary, minimise the chance of losing?

  • What is the roulette ‘house edge’?

    The roulette ‘house edge’ is simply the advantage the casino (the house) has over you, the player. Because there is an extra 0 (or even an extra 00 in American roulette) in addition to the 36 standard numbers, you are at a slight disadvantage when betting on red/black or even/even. That house edge also applies to bets with smaller odds of higher winnings. As we showed earlier, in European roulette the house edge is 2.7%, while in American roulette it is 5.26% due to the extra 00 box.

  • What are the table limits in online roulette?

    This varies from casino to casino and table to table. You can often join tables with VIP status where higher stakes are allowed. However, there are limits so that the casino cannot be drained. This means that, for example, the Martingale strategy also has its limits (if not its own budget). You can’t double down infinitely.

  • Which numbers are more likely to win?

    At first you might think that all numbers are equal, but by playing with the neighbour game, certain numbers allow you to cover a larger area on the roulette wheel with your bet.

  • Is Russian roulette a casino game?

    Although it may sound like it, Russian roulette is definitely not a casino game. This ‘game’ is more likely to be found in violent movies, because in Russian roulette, a group of people have a revolver with one bullet and take turns pulling the trigger with the gun to the head. So Russian roulette always has one loser who – neatly put – is unable to play anything ever again.

  • How does the neighbour game work in roulette?

    The neighbour game is an additional element, also called the race track, outside the normal roulette table. The neighbour game applies to bets on single numbers. The ‘neighbour’ numbers of your bet on the neighbour game count for winnings, but are only moved to the normal gaming area after a winning spin.

  • Can you win online roulette every time by using the above strategies?

    Yes. Provided you execute the strategy well and have the budget to stick with it when times get tough. Don’t just go switching!

  • What is the best strategy to use in online roulette?

    Most people play online roulette for fun, for example with some lucky numbers or for very low stakes each time.

    Because Roulette is a memoryless game of chance, no matter what roulette strategy you employ the mathematical probability of winning cannot be changed. Winnings from roulette systems and strategies are always going to be governed by the house edge and due to the random nature of the game, employing a roulette strategy will give the same odds of winning as not employing that strategy.

    For serious players, there are a number of strategies you can use to maximise your winnings or minimise your losses. The best-known strategy is called Martingale and involves betting on red or black every time and if you don’t win, you double your next bet.

    There are also about 10 other roulette strategies you can stick to to get the most out of your game.

  • Can I just Play Roulette for Fun?

    All of our roulette games have a “Free Play” option allowing you to play the games completely for free without risking a penny of your own money. Once you’re up to speed with how to play the game you can choose to play for real money at any time.

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