Classic Slots vs Video Slots

Ever wonder what the differences are between classic slots and their high-tech videoslot counterparts? Read here about the two slot-types.

Now that you have the chance to visit online casinos, your options are also greatly expanded. While you probably know the classic slot machine from location-based casinos, there are also video slots you can play online. These work slightly differently from classic slots. The differences and similarities are explained below, so you can make an informed choice on which slot machine you want to gamble at.

The well-known classic slot machine

A classic slot machine works exactly the same as the slots in the location-based casino. You have three reels and one payline. In addition, there is a pay table that shows you which three symbols in the payline make you win something and how much that is. The symbols and how much you win can vary from one slot machine to another. The best-known classic slots are those with fruit symbols, or those with ‘bar’ and ‘lucky 7’ in them.

Video slots: the online variety

Video slots are still fairly new in the casino world, but right from the start they were super popular. Although some people think they look more like computer games than slot machines, they are indeed slot machines. Only then, a video slot has a lot more features. There are often multiple paylines (sometimes even 50) and there may be different numbers of reels. It is therefore also a bit more complicated to get to grips with a video slot, but fortunately there is a solution to that. Many video slots offer free demos that allow you to gain a firm grasp of the game before you bet your money.

When to choose a classic slot?

Classic slots are easy to understand and are therefore ideal to play when you want to have a game after a long day at work. Also, nostalgia is an important reason: it just looks tremendously like the slots you know from the physical casinos.

Prefer a video slot anyway?

Video slots have many more features. Bonuses, free spins, multipliers, gambling features, and Wild symbols are of course all familiar to us from classic slots. The nice thing about video slots is that the worlds are much more extensive. They also often tie in with other media, such as video games, films or series. You can completely immerse yourself in what you like and probably win a lot of money too.

Eventually, video slots will become more and more realistic. With the rise of AR and VR, video slots can be made ever better and more real, which is a fantastic development.

Classic slots or video slots?

Both slots have advantages or disadvantages. The choice is entirely up to you which slot you go for. Maybe alternate from time to time. The choice is so great these days with all the online casinos that you might have several favourite slots. In any case, we can recommend several slots to you regularly through our favourites and “battle of the slots” posts.

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