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Get ready to spin the reels without spending a dime! Free spins are a thrilling offer available at many online gaming platforms. You can try your luck at popular slot games and boost your chances of winning big, all while enjoying the excitement of the game!

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Playing at online casinos comes with a lot of options. For example, in every decent casino you have many video slots, a live casino and regularly also a sportsbook. Within each category you will find a whole range of games, specific options and more. In addition, each casino tries to bring you in as a player with all kinds of great promotions. If we leave it to purely video slots, then “free spins” are something that literally flies around your ears. It logically stands for free spins, but what exactly are free spins, and what do you need to consider?

Free Spins as a promotion or while playing

The term free spins is widely used and it basically refers to a free play. Considering the majority of digital slots work with reels, a spin is actually one spin in the game. This refers a bit to the old way of playing a slot machine, where you pull a lever and the reels start moving. That it still looks that way these days is one thing, but in practice it simply boils down to an all-purpose term for a free try.
However, there is a difference in free spins. You often have promotional free spins that you get on top of the money you deposit, for example. You often see this when you sign up new at a casino. Be sure to take advantage of this, because the more times you pull the figurative lever, the more chances you have. If you got it “for free” and win, that’s great, of course.

However, there are still distinctions in these free spins. So we’ve highlighted one side now, the other side is that you can also get free spins while gambling. However, they are not that free, because you get such a free spin by actually placing deposits, so you need to put money into the game. Think of it more as two chances for the price of one. In the latter case, however, you only get the spins when playing and not in advance.

Chances of free spins

Taking an extra shot for free is of course very nice, as it increases your chances. However, know that a free spin is identical in terms of odds versus a paid spin. So while the illusion may occur that you get less with free spins that is not the case. Your odds are still identical versus a paid spin, which in digital slots in terms of success depends on the RTP. This is variable and goes over a large number of rounds of play, which we explain more about in this article.

So to win extra with a free spin is definitely a possibility. An important nuance that applies to this is that free spins can come with additional conditions. The moment a slot machine rewards you with a free spin, that’s simply it. If you get the free spins as a welcome bonus, for example, then there may be conditions attached. However, this varies from one online casino to another.

A good casino will let you freely use the free spins you receive after an initial deposit because it is really a bonus. However, you may have to meet certain wagering requirements to effectively claim free spins or the winnings you make with them. However, this is a bridge to promotions, as this applies to these in particular.

Free Spins for returning players

The casino wants you to keep playing, which is why they often offer promotions for returning players in the form of free spins. Attractive of course, but in this case know that you pretty much always have to meet certain conditions. This can be a certain deposit and actually playing with the amount you transferred. If you have then met a certain wagering condition, the free spins will only become available.

Or you can actually claim winnings that you have already booked with the free spins only after meeting the conditions.
And with that, we have provided free spins or free spins with a brief interpretation. The most important advice in this: always check the terms and conditions that are specifically stated, so that you get the most out of them and are not surprised.

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