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Bet On Dragon Tiger –

Bet On Dragon Tiger –

Almost every online casino that also has a live segment also offers the game Dragon Tiger alongside traditional titles like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Like the other aforementioned types of games, it is a regular feature in the live casino, yet it is somewhat more obscure than the other titles mentioned. Time to take a closer look at how to play Dragon Tiger!

How to play: Dragon Tiger – Simple card game

As is common with (live) casino games, Dragon Tiger is also a relatively simple card game. The objective is namely to gamble on the outcome and in that context, the game is quite reminiscent of Baccarat. You gamble on Dragon, Tiger or Tie and if you are successful, you will be paid a certain amount depending on your bet. Should you be unfamiliar with it, however, we will give you a more detailed explanation in our ‘how to play’ series.

Dragon Tiger is played with a croupier, who draws two cards from about eight decks. Each of the two cards is then placed at a particular section. Thus, the first goes to Dragon and the second to Tiger. It then depends on the value of the card which section wins. Thus, if there is an eight on Dragon and a four on Tiger, Dragon wins. If you bet on Dragon, then you take a profit.

However, it is possible that two equal cards are drawn. In that case, there is a Tie, which can also be bet on. Of course, the profit you win depends on how much you bet, and at Dragon Tiger, you can usually bet as little as €1. The maximum varies per casino but can be extremely high and, if successful, can be extremely lucrative.

How to play: Dragon Tiger -No complicated extras

With many online casino games, in addition to the basic concept, you will see that there are various additional options included with regard to more specific bets or playing on certain combinations. Dragon Tiger is really the simplest form of gambling in this respect, as two cards are drawn per round, dealt and the profit on success is paid out. Afterwards, the game starts again. That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The game does come with an additional rule, but as a player you hardly have anything to do with it. Given that 8 decks of cards are used, there are an extraordinary number of possible combinations. However, the fact is that it is renewed every so often. When a total of 204 cards have been drawn, a new set of 8 decks is added and all scores are erased. This is to keep the game fair and ‘clean’.

How to play: Dragon Tiger -A Tie is most profitable

We also see a simple structure in the payout. For instance, the payout at both Dragon and Tiger is 1:1. So for every euro wagered, you get back double the amount if you are successful. One euro thus earns you two euros. If you lose, then of course you lose your bet. So betting on Dragon or Tiger is the safest choice, but yields the least.

However, if you expect the cards to have equal value, then of course you can bet on the Tie and it’s a lot more interesting. The moment it falls, the payout is 1:11. In that case, you turn your one euro into an equal twelve euros. Of course, the chances of a Tie are smaller than Dragon or Tiger, so it is a risk.

Finally, it is important to note that the value of the cards in Dragon Tiger are similar to other games. For instance, the numeric cards have the value as indicated. The Ace is worth one point and the Jack, Queen and King are highest on the other side. With that information at your disposal, you are ready to play Dragon Tiger.

One of the most simple, yet fun casino games that is particularly ideal to play in between. This is mainly because of its approach and the relatively fast pace at which a game proceeds.

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Bet On Dragon Tiger –
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