Welcome to the casino. European Roulette Gold is a must play game for any fan of the classic game.

The game is rich with features and options for the player, something that will certainly please the customer who is more experienced with roulette. This game also hosts a graphic interface that produces a roulette table and wheel that will make you feel like you’re sitting in casino. Not to mention bringing ambient casino sounds.

The graphic interface is phenomenal, producing a roulette table and wheel that are quite true-to-life, not to mention bringing ambient casino sounds into the action.

This game is incredibly true-to-life. A collection of betting chips are provided below the table, which you click then place on the position (or positions) you think the ball will land on. These choices include any number, any quadruple, odd, even, black, red, any half or third; basically any outcome you could can think of!

It is the option of expert functions that make this game a great choice for serious Roulette players. European Roulette Gold allows players to select from expert options that include Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game.

This game also offers two additional bets that are not available in the classic Roulette game. The Neighbour bet is a straight-up number bet along with the two numbers that are on either side of the chosen number on the wheel. Players can use the expert mode to select how many neighbouring numbers will be covered, with a maximum of 9 numbers available.

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