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Frequently Asked Questions about Pay n Play Casino

  • Do all banks support Pay N Play?

    Pay N Play works through Trustly and thus iDEAL, with all of their partnered banks.

  • What alternative payment methods are there to Pay N Play?

    Pay N Play was developed by the payment method Trustly, so you won’t encounter other payment methods there. As an ordinary alternative to Trustly, many players use Klarna, where you can also pay with iDEAL. An alternative to the benefits of Pay N Play is iDIN, where you verify your age and identity by logging in to your bank.

    Because casinos still have to comply with licensing requirements, Pay N Play only allows payment by iDEAL. Credit cards, another commonly used method of payment in casinos, are not available at Pay N Play casinos.

  • Do all online casinos accept Pay N Play as a payment method?

    No, Pay N Play is a particular type of online casino. There are also hybrid casinos, which use elements of Pay N Play casinos to verify data. However, Trustly is a commonly used payment method.

  • Do you need to create an account to pay with Pay N Play in casinos?

    No, the big advantage of Pay N Play is that it skips the whole registration process by logging into your bank. So you don’t need an account to play along or get paid out at a Pay N Play casino. Some casinos do offer some kind of registration where they recognise your bank account next time.

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