Pick of the weekend: Spurs vs Mancunians

The battle for the Champions League tickets heats up to cooking point now that the competition is restarting again and these two particular teams are in the midst of it. The first name that comes to mind when hearing Tottenham Hotspurs vs Manchester United is that of Jorge Mourhino. The Portugese coach must feel there is still some unfinished business in Manchester after getting sacked. He will be determined to prove that they have made a mistake by assigning his former assistant coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer instead of him.

The Spurs can close the gap to United to just one point with a win on friday and with the ban on Manchester City, there are chances of receiving an actual CL ticket. Both teams will feel strengthened by the pause, with having key players returning from injuries. Making this a VERY interesting match (to bet on).

Tottenham Hotspur FC
1 - 1
Manchester United FC
Week 30
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

A close look the squads

Both Harry Kane and Heung-min Son are back. Troy Parrott might not be fit enough, but we are not too sure. Only Dele Alli will be missing from the squad due to a suspension. On the other side, Solskjaer will be happy to again call on Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford. Whether all these players will see the pitch remains a question. There is a difference between being fit and being in form. Besides, there are so many players on the midfield for Ole to call on. It remains uncertain if Pogba will make the cut immediately.

Tottenham Hotspur FCTOT

Tottenham Hotspurs vs Manchester United Prediction

We are really looking forward to this match. In all honesty there is no telling who will come out on top with this one. The friendlies against West Brom and Norwich respectively have not been a real test for the teams. This will. While there is something to be said for a draw ( a safe prediction), we think this game is just too prestigious for both coaches seeing their history. We are biased towards MU, but there just as many arguments to predict Tottenham will take this home. We do predict that the substitutions in the second half are going to make the difference.

Manchester United FCMNU

For both these clubs, the corona virus has been a relief to fix what else would have been a lost season for both teams. In the short term that is at least. The Spurs had to loan an incredible amount of money to cover the predicted losses of 200 million pounds. For Ole this summer will be his defining one. With Pochettino still without a club, disappointing results will mean exit for the club icon. Pochettino at MU; these clubs would have a lot of coach sharing done recently. Get a room already!