Top favourites: online slot Cygnus

Have you always dreamt of travelling through ancient Egypt? Then you should really try this exciting slot machine: ‘Cygnus’!

Imagine yourself in ancient Egypt with online slot Cygnus
Have you always dreamt of travelling through ancient Egypt? You can get a taste of that right now with online slot Cygnus. This slot developed by ELK Studios is based on ancient Egyptian culture and traditions, and has a truly breathtakingly beautiful design.

Cygnus is an ancient constellation located a whopping 700 million light years from Earth. This group of stars has the exact same arrangement as the pyramids of Giza, which they felt was reason enough at ELK Studios to turn it into this stunning slot.

Cygnus’ gameplay

Many people find it takes some getting used to playing Cygnus, as the setup differs from that of most other slots in many ways. On the screen, you see two stately pillars, between which six rows of four symbols fall on top of each other on each spin. Instead of horizontally side by side, they alternate slightly higher and lower, creating diagonal win lines. Speaking of paylines, Cygnus has a whopping 4096 of them, making it a relatively frequent hit. On top of that, the creative design means there are a whopping 262,144 ways to win!

How does Cygnus slot work exactly?

On each spin, 24 symbols drop down from the top. Every time you spin a winning combination (several of the same symbols from left to right), the winning selection disappears, making way for new symbols. These fall from above onto the existing rows. The law of gravity applies here, as the round symbols first roll down/left onto the empty spaces where the winning symbols were before.

With each winning combination, the symbols are replenished, with the stack getting slightly higher each time. The chances of spinning a winning combination again are therefore high, and it regularly happens that you can win up to 5 times in a row with just one spin!

Wilds, multipliers and free spins

While almost all symbols consist of mythical figures, camels and diamonds, a golden W is used as a Wild, and the multiplier is a shiny X. Do you spin this second one? Then you get a x2 multiplier first of all. Each time an X symbol reaches the bottom row, the multiplier gets higher, up to a maximum of x64. Count out your winnings!

The free spins are called free drops in the Cygnus slot. You activate them by the scattered bonus symbol (the Cygnus logo) landing on the leftmost row. You then get 7 free spins, which always involve the maximum number of paylines. Moreover, the multipliers are not reset on a new spin, which is normally the case. If you feel like it is it really your lucky day, then you just spin another bonus over the current one! (Note: this rarely happens!)

All the specs at a glance

The Cygnus slot lets you bet from €0.20 to €100. The game has no bonus game and no progressive jackpot, but with a bit of luck, each spin can earn you up to 500x your bet. At 96.10%, the RTP is just a touch lower than the Top Favourites we normally write about, but because of its delightful gameplay, this slot has been extremely popular with many since its release in 2021.

Why is Cygnus so popular?

Once you get the hang of how this online slot works, you can have hours of fun with it. The music is super chill and the visuals are a sight to behold! The very fact that this online slot machine is different from anything else makes the progression of the game surprising. Which is exactly what keeps you enthralled. Highly recommended as far as we are concerned. Have you tried the Cygnus slot yet?

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