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EGL Betting

EGL Betting – Your Guide for eSports

EGL Betting

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Sure, there may be a lot of games out there in the world of eSports, but
most would tell you that there are only a handful of true blockbuster
franchises which keep fans coming back for more time and time again.

One such franchise is undoubtedly Call of Duty, with each new title in the
series offering a fresh take on combat action and transporting players into a
range of environments to test their skills. With an increasing number of A-list
actors from Gary Oldman to Kit Harington featuring in the games, it is clear that Call of Duty has enormous pulling power.

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of the games means that Call of Duty has an
established position in the world of eSports, with many tournaments related to
the series taking place every year. Among the organizations involved in
arranging such events is the European Gaming League (EGL) and in this guide, we
are going to provide an overview of what the EGL does, as well as provide some
hints and tips on how you can get started with your EGL betting.

A network of top action

To start from the very beginning, EGL is a network of eSports leagues which
operates both online and offline competitions. It has arguably become best
known for arranging eSports events related to Call of Duty, with the body
hosting LAN events in the UK and Sweden since 2010.

However, it has also in recent years organised events related to other
competitive gaming titles such as Overwatch, League
of Legends and Smite.

How do EGL tournaments tend to work?

A key starting point for getting involved in EGL betting is understanding
how competitions tend to work. While we do not have time to go into the
specifics of every competition type related to every single game on offer, we
will instead break down the action of one of the more recent offline Call of
Duty events as an example.

The EGL CWL Sheffield Open 2017 was an offline event held in partnership
with software developer Activision, where teams of four did battle on Call of
Duty: Infinite Warfare. The tournament began with an open bracket played in a
double elimination format, with four teams progressing to the Pool Play to
compete with 12 top European sides seeded based on Call of Duty World League
Pro Points. The teams were split into four groups, with the top two from each
advancing to the Championship Bracket, where the action continued until an outright
winner was crowned.

EGL Betting

Source: @EGL via Twitter [full rul:]

In terms of what the teams were competing for, the prize pool for the EGL
CWL Sheffield Open 2017 stood at $25,000 in total. The winning team received
$10,000 of the fund, with the rest then being split between sides which
finished 2nd to 8th in amounts which reflected their
final position.

How to begin your EGL betting

Now that you have a general idea of how a usual EGL offline tournament would
run, it is time to turn your attention to how you plan to get involved in
betting on the action. As with any sport, competitive gaming can be wildly
unpredictable but here at Mobile Wins we strongly
believe a little bit of preparation can go a long way to helping you achieve

One of our first bits of advice on EGL betting would be to get to know the
top teams which tend to be involved in such competitions. EGL offline events
attract some of the best sides in Europe, so it is worth getting to know the
key players on the scene and which teams are likely to be involved in the final
stages of a competition. Some names to look out for include Epsilon
and Red Reserve EU, who competed in the final
of the aforementioned Sheffield event. Fnatic also have a strong
track record in Call of Duty, as do Millenium
and Supremacy. You should get to know these teams
well and see how they are performing in the lead-up to the next major EGL

This is possible through either attending events in person or by getting
online and watching coverage of such competitions via YouTube and other
streaming services such as Twitch. Doing this will mean you get a first-hand
understanding of how the teams are playing and whether their current form means
they have a chance of success at an upcoming competition. At the same time, you
will also be able to check out rival sides and see whether fresh talent is
emerging who could cause a few upsets. It is worth bearing in mind that a bet
on an outsider could turn into big money if they spring a surprise or two.

Another important tactic to consider in your EGL betting strategy is to keep
an eye on the latest news and social media gossip related to competitions. Are
teams talking up their chances ahead of a major event or are there rumblings of
disharmony between certain players? There have been numerous occasions in all
kinds of sports where issues away from competitions have had a major bearing on
the performance of players, so do not disregard rumours of a rift between
teammates. In addition, monitor whether teams have changed their roster at all
and consider if this could impact on their chemistry for the better or worse.
If a side has lost a star performer, will their replacement have what it takes
to help them succeed?

Find out more about EGL betting

Ultimately, there are a host of things you’d be wise to think
about before getting involved in EGL betting, but hopefully considering
the matters above will provide the foundations of a solid strategy.

As any Call of Duty fan would tell you, the games are truly thrilling and an
ideal platform for top competitive gaming action. Here at Mobile Wins we are huge fans of the eSports scene related to the
franchise and are sure it will continue to go from strength to strength.

For more information on EGL betting and to discover the latest odds related
to the competitions, head across to our specialist pages now. Good luck!

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