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In 2017, McLaren started a search for the ‘fastest gamer in the world’. It was the start of a uproarious upswing of Formula 1 esports. Just one year later, the first World Champion of the Formula 1 esports series was crowned after a very, very harsh competition. Gradually, the esports variance of the worldwide popular car sport is gaining more attention and is stepping into the spotlights. The best thing about esports formula 1 compared to ‘the real deal’? All cars actually have a chance of winning, not just Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Ferrari is not even competing and Toro Rosso is dominating it’s bigger brother. Sauber takes a surprising third place in the standings at the moment of writing. MasterMazuma predicts that in the future, Formula 1 will be one of the most interesting esports to bet on. We’ll push you right into second gear to get ahead of the competition here on our Formula 1 esports wiki!


With season two in the books, history is being written. And so we will write it down! One name that stands out is that of Brendon Leigh and with him, Mercedes. The youngster has prolonged his title and is therefore still the only Formula 1 esports series champion. Though the cars have equal stats, this guy has been in a league of his own for most of throughout the year winning six out of ten races. His teammate Daniel Bereznay also won two races, making Mercedes winning eight out of ten! If there is any parallel with the ‘real’ formula 1, it’s that of the Dominance of Mercedes. Though with cars having the same stats, it was Mercedes contracting Toro Rosso’s first season champion. Before the actual season started in 2017, there had been a long quest in search of driving talent. A million laps had been driven by players at home that took a shot at qualifying. After the dust settled, 40 players remained to drive live to earn a spot at one of the teams. Out of that 40, a lucky (and fast) 20 players got a shot at competing in the actual formula 1 esports series season one. Not yet dominating like season two, Brendon Leigh took the first season in the last race.

famous teams and players

The teams are similar to those riding in the physical formula 1. Most notably, McLaren should be mentioned as the team that took a lead in making formula 1 esports to what it is today. Organising ‘world’s fastest gamer’ was something that drew a lot of attention to the sports and was a fierce competition, nothing less than the later official qualification. Prior to this competition, the only professional virtual driving organisation was the Nissan GT Academy. The other team worth noting is Mercedes, winning all titles so far.

As far as players go, we can’t get around mentioning Brendon Leigh. Again. There are some nice to know trivias behind the British 19 year old (at time of writing). The rising star in esports lost 22kg after season one prior to the season two start. Showing everyone how serious he is about his ‘job at Mercedes’ as he calls it. He prefers to ride with a bit of understeer, has a moderately aggressive playstyle and uses a wheel and pedals by Fanatec.
Another player that deserves mentioning is Rudy van Buren . He won the McLaren ‘fastest gamer of the world’ and was the fastest gamer of the world, until an official formula 1 esports series started. He is now the virtual test driver for McLaren; where esports meet the real deal. The other finalist of this competition, Harry Jacks, has been signed late 2017 as a driver for Mercedes.

highlights–xYlIQF0k (season 1 final race) (highlights season 2 finals) (Rudy van Buren)