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Betting on European Championship matches? You are definitely not the only one. In fact, figures from bookmakers show that during an EC, almost everyone places a bet. The magic of the big tournaments, where suddenly an entire country gets moving. Time for the crucial questions: Who are the contenders? Which teams could surprise? Where can you find the best odds and bonuses? Betting on European Football starts here….

Betting on European Championship football matches? You’re not the only one. Figures from bookmakers show that during the EC and World Cup, almost everyone places a bet.

Nothing wrong with that at all, but if you are serious about getting the most out of your bets and not just betting on European Championship matches then you make sure you do everything you can to avoid further cheating the bookies.

The fact that you have found Mobile Wins means you are on the right track. We give you betting tips for every football league and tournament. We keep you updated on current promotions and odds boosts!

The European Football Championship is a final tournament. This means more than a year of qualifying matches precede it. For this, we have set up a separate European Championship Qualification page.

The fact that with the European Championship (and World Cup) there is suddenly so much attention on football has of course everything to do with the chauvinistic feelings that flare up all over Europe.

Betting European Football Championship | Tournament format

Surprisingly, the European Football Championship is not very different in format from, say, a Champions League or Conference League. It just takes place over a much shorter period of time. A tournament in a pressure cooker. There are really crucial differences that make an EC different from club tournaments. 

In the group stage, for example, countries do not play home and away matches. Teams only meet once. This gives matches much more of an all-or-nothing character and ensures that at the final group game there is a lot of calculation: should we win?

Will we go through with a draw? Do we have it in our own hands? This makes the European Championship much more accessible to the recreational football fan. A group consists of four countries.

After the group stage, almost half of the countries drop out. Until 2016, the numbers one and two in a group advanced to the next stage. The numbers one met the numbers two from another group in the quarter-finals.

This concept still stands, only now the best four numbers three are also added here. This leaves enough teams for an extra knockout round; the eighth finals. The winners of this round advance to the quarter-finals.

The knockout matches are extra interesting for fans of betting on European Cup football. Here you are always assured of surprises, extensions and penalty shoot-outs in the base.

Betting European Football Championship | Contenders

The participating countries (apart from the host country) have qualified through the qualification rounds. The make-up of a qualifying pool is determined by a country’s results on the UEFA coefficient list.

As a result, strong countries usually avoid each other and are assured of a good chance of EC participation. From 2024, you can also qualify for the European Championship through the Nations League.

European Football | Oddsmakers

The past offers no guarantees for the future, but in advance there are of course always favourites. Sometimes based on form, sometimes based on the past and sometimes because countries are real tournament eaters. Like Real Madrid is for the Champions League.

Think Germany, Portugal and Italy. Countries that rarely fail and always get far in a tournament. Quirkier are the other favourites, the Netherlands, Belgium and England; countries with a rich past that have to rely on a golden generation. Spain and France are the countries that have no equal in form – but sometimes implode.

European Football Championship | Outsiders

Every tournament is different and among the favourites, we have already named eight names. What remains? Plenty because, after all, Greece managed to win the European Championship in 2004 and Denmark in 1992. So countries like Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia and Switzerland belong in this list.

European Football Championship | betting markets

The UEFA European Championship is compact and packed with stars. Not surprisingly, because many people who never bet make an exception for the European Championship. Betting on European Football adds another dimension to the experience, in addition, the following betting markets are ideal during this tournament:

Outright Winner

With only 24 participants, the European Championship is perfect for an outright winner bet. After all, of the 24 participants, half are not seriously eligible for the final victory. Which favourite has the easiest route to the final?

You can figure this out even before the tournament starts. Don’t count yourself rich. Sometimes the country with the toughest road is actually the favourite.

First Time Winner

Belgium does not yet have a star on its shirt. As long as Courtois is under the crossbar and Kevin de Bruyne on the pitch, the Red Devils are a serious contender for the title.

A first-time winner bet catches this country, but also countries like England (always an outsider for victory!), Sweden, Poland and Switzerland.

An outright winner bet where you catch several birds with one stone; not a bad idea when betting on European Cup football! 

Betting European Football | Top scorer

The older Cristiano Ronaldo gets, the more he will score. He is already top scorer of all time with 14 goals. Of course, it has to end somewhere, even for Christiano. The next European Championship is in 2024, making it difficult to predict right now who might become top scorer.

However, it will anyway be a tournament where, for the first time in two decades, we will see no Ronaldo, but probably no Zlatan and no Lewandowski in action either. So anything is possible again.


Although a European Championship for national teams was discussed by FIFA as early as 1927, it took until 1960 before the first edition was played due to World War II. Since then, UEFA has organised the European Championships every four years.

The tournament has grown with the European Economic Community and later the European Union since 1960. From four participants in 1960 to 1976, to eight participants until 1992, to 16 countries in 1996 and 24 countries since 2016. Surely that puts the 1988 victory in perspective to some extent.

The European Championship is always at odds with club football. It is played in June and July, when footballers are ready for a holiday after a long season. While for the general public, this tournament is the pinnacle of the sports summer. There are plans to move the European Championship to August. The national associations support this UEFA proposal, the clubs, on the other hand, are less lyrical.

Historic European Championship moments

Winning in your own country, in front of your own crowd. It is a dream that is also cursed. In 2020, Wembley was the stage for what was supposed to be England’s deflowering as champions. It’s coming home turned into a valley of tears. Not least for all the punters who bet on European Cup bets naturally placed on their own team.

Arch-rival France, for once, took pity on the English, as they too had to congratulate the Portuguese with the cup in 2016 in Paris after a troubled final like a peasant with a toothache.

Equally special in the 2020 is the resilience of Denmark, which saw Christian Eriksen collapse to the ground in the first match due to cardiac arrest. Denmark, a country that won the European Championship in 1992 while not actually qualifying.

Yugoslavia was removed from the participation list eight days before the tournament due to the Balkan wars, allowing Denmark to play.


  • Which countries are playing at the European Championships?

    There are 24 countries competing in an EC since 2016. These countries qualify through the European Championship qualifying round. Here, countries play in different pools for places one and two, which give direct access to the main tournament. The numbers three play play-off matches for the final tickets.

  • What are good European Cup qualification bet markets?

    Because the teams playing against each other are often of a different level, it is important to bet with a handicap or with a combination bet. Always be careful not to overshoot, but the European Championship qualifiers are one of the few places where you can take a bit more risk with betting.

  • What are good European Championship betting markets?

    Top scorer, outright winner and first time winner bets are three betting markets you can enjoy throughout the tournament. As England and Belgium have never won an EC, the first time winner bet is particularly attractive.

  • Where can you find the best odds boosts for the European Championship?

    On Mobile Wins Sports you will find all odds boosts and other promotions you need for European Championship matches.

  • Can you qualify for the European Championship through the Nations League?

    For the 2024 EC, of the 24 EC tickets, three will be given away through the Nations League, 20 through direct qualification and one through the qualification play-offs. The results at the Nations League also indirectly influence the qualification draw on 9 October 2022.

  • Who did the Netherlands play the final against in 1988?

    The Netherlands played the 1988 European Cup Final against the Soviet Union. The final was won 2-0, while the first group match (also against the Soviet Union) was lost 0-1.

  • Who are some of the most successful teams in the history of the UEFA European Championship?

    Teams like Germany, Spain, and France have consistently performed well, securing multiple championships over the years.

  • How do sports bettors engage with the UEFA European Championship?

    Bettors analyze team form, historical head-to-head records, and player performance to place bets on individual matches and predict the tournament’s overall winner.

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