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Ligue 1 is slowly winning more hearts of fans. Also in terms of interesting bets. We would like to show you why Ligue 1 also offers you more opportunities than you might have thought beforehand….

The fact that betting on Ligue 1 does not generate the most bets in an ordinary weekend is explainable. After all, which league is practically around the corner and yet relatively unknown in the UK?

There are two reasons for this. In European football, only one club is competing for the prizes and that club can count on little sympathy from the neutral supporter.

The Ligue 1 itself has been of little interest for ten years thanks to that club (PSG). At least when it comes to the title race. 

At national level, French football is among the world’s best, so it is fair to say that the French can play ball. Also, betting on Ligue 1 has a lot more to offer than just PSG. It’s about time for some more love and attention to the Ligue 1 Uber Eats (yes, that’s really what the league is called).

Betting on Ligue 1 | League format

The Ligue 1 is the highest competition in France, organised by the French equivalent of the FA cup, the FFF. Twenty teams play 38 rounds of games in the Ligue 1.

In 2021, the league was considered the fourth national league in Europe (alongside Spain, England and Italy) and the fifth in the world (just behind Brazil). 

In the UEFA coefficient list, France is currently ranked fifth. This difference is because the coefficients have a lag from the assessment by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS). The latter is a tool of FIFA, where the coefficient list is a tool of UEFA.

Although it may seem like the Ligue 1 is dominated by PSG, it is historically one of the most versatile leagues. In France, there are 10 clubs that have won four or more titles and 19 title winners in total. So betting on the Ligue 1 is much more interesting than some people think.


The field of participants comes from all corners of France. It is unfortunate that PSG claims so much media attention. This does a disservice to the rest of the participants.

On VI, as we write this, the first eight news items are about the Paris club (and particularly star players Mbappé, Neymar and Messi) before we come across a news item about Marseille and Monaco. After this news item on Champions League placement, another 10 news items go about PSG again.

Betting on Ligue 1 | Contenders

Unfortunately, we cannot ignore PSG. How can a team with Sergio Ramos, Wijnaldum, Hakimi, Neymar, Messi, Mbappé and Di María not become champions? Of course, they are 11 BVs, it is not a team, there is no soul.

The championship is not celebrated by the fans, it is flubbed out. Even then, however, the difference against the number two is 15 points. That’s how much quality this team has.

Harrowing as it is, the list of contenders for the title ends here if we are realistic. At least for the next two or three seasons. At least betting on Ligue 1 does not mean placing an outright winner bet or a first-time winner bet. That is, with a probability bordering on certainty, a waste of money.


The list of outsiders is much more interesting. Olympique Marseilles, AS Monaco, Stade Rennes, OGC Nice, Olympique Lyon, Lille; all teams that stand their ground Europe-wide and could have a shot at the title in a season when everything falls right.

Lille proved this in 2021 and Monaco in 2017. So maybe bet on Ligue one outright winner after all? At least the odds will be heavily in your favour. 

Betting on Ligue 1 | betting markets

Outright winner

The outright winner bet is debatable in the Ligue 1 – at least, as long as PSG can continue to dip into their bottomless moneybags. Still, if you want to place a bet that you can enjoy for a season with good odds, go for a team X to qualify for Champions League. Basically, this is a glorified ‘best of the rest’ bet.

Do you believe a team can stunt like Lille in 2021? Go for it. At least the odds make such a bet worthwhile!


Top scorer Ligue 1 is the most interesting betting market. Although in the 2021/2022 season the top scorer also came from PSG’s stable (Mbappé), the numbers two, three and four were not far behind.

Monaco’s Wissam Ben Yedder, Martin Terrier and Moussa Dembele all stand a chance of the top scorer title next year, provided they do not make a transfer this summer. Mbappé has indicated he will re-sign with PSG, so the odds for these chasers will be more favourable than if he did leave for Madrid.

The best time for a top scorer bet is after preparation, after the close of the transfer market and before anyone in the Ligue 1 puts in five. Take advantage of the European (preliminaries) to see if the new acquisitions live up to their promise. Just keep in mind that the real big boys will not be in action in Europe until September.

First time winner

Unlike many other leagues, the Ligue 1 features quite a few title holders. Nineteen to be precise, of which 15 are still active in the top league. Although Bordeaux will unfortunately be relegated. We do not see which club that does not yet have a league title has any chance of leaving everyone behind.

The entire top 10 from the 2021/2022 season have already had the chance to hold up the cup once. Betting on Ligue 1 is fine, but betting on first-time winners is a waste of money.


The name Ligue 1 only dates back to the 2002/2003 season. However, the league has a much longer history dating back to 1932/1933 when it started under the name National. After a year, the league’s name was changed to Division 1, this name would last for almost seventy years. For the past two seasons, Uber has embellished the name through sponsorship. 

As briefly discussed above, the Ligue 1 is a league with many dynasties. That PSG will remain at the top for long is anything but certain looking at the past. For instance, Olympique Lyon had sole rights to the title for the first decade of this century and that other Olympique from Marseille was lord and master in the early 1990s. At least, they did have a title taken away by fraud in 1993, which also left a small blemish on the other titles from that era.

Memorable Ligue 1 moments

Ligue 1 is often seen as boring due to PSG’s supremacy. Unlike many other leagues, few memorable Ligue 1 moments also come to mind. Yet not so long ago, this league was the most chaotic battleground in Europe, with multiple teams fighting for the title. The period 2007 to 2013 is one of the most interesting periods in French national football and few other leagues could match this excitement.

Bordeaux with Marouane Chamakh and Yoann Gourcuff, Marseille under a young debutant Didier Deschamps, Lille with young Moussa Sow, Eden Hazard and Gervinho and Montpellier with an equally young Giroud. All these clubs managed to grab a title during this period. Unfortunately, all these clubs also faced the ‘your best players are bought away after a successful season’ syndrome.

The French Classic. The capital against the port city. The progressive elite versus the workers. PSG’s success supporters versus Marseille’s huge loyal following. These do represent the currents of betting on Ligue 1 – the kind of matches that stand on their own.

Not a derby, but a rivalry that goes very, very far. Incidentally, derbies used to be much more common, but during the Second World War, the policies of the Vichy regime forced clubs to merge so there is actually often only one top team per region.


If you think people in the UK are obsessed about football, then you have never attended a derby between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. The elite club Lyon versus the ‘working class’ club Saint Etienne. The rivalry is now often settled in Lyon’s favour, but for a long time, Etienne had the superior side. After all, they are co-record holders in national championships with PSG.

Just how ‘involved’ the ‘supporters’ are was recently shown in Saint-Etienne’s 2022 relegation, where players had to flee into the catacombs and the pitch was stormed armed with an arsenal of fireworks.


  • How many Ligue 1 titles does PSG have?

    PSG have ten Ligue 1 titles, sharing first place with AS Saint-Étienne. PSG are more likely to take their 11th title than AS Saint-Étienne, who finished 11th last season.

  • Who is top scorer in Ligue 1 Uber Eats?

    Mbappé is top scorer in the 2021/2022 season with 28 goals. He will also continue to play for PSG in the 2022/2023 season. Wissiam Ben Yedder of Monaco, Martin Terrier and Moussa Dembele were numbers 2,3 and 4 on the top scorers list in 2021/2022.

  • Where can you find Ligue 1 odds boosts?

    You will find all active free bets, odds boosts, other bonuses as well as betting tips for League 1 Football on Mobile Wins Sports.

  • “Le Classique” refers to the rivalry match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Olympique de Marseille. It’s one of Ligue 1’s most intense clashes and influences betting activity.

  • Who are some of the most iconic players in Ligue 1 history?

    Players like Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, and Thierry Henry have left an indelible mark on Ligue 1 and football history, making their presence felt on and off the field.

  • Can you explain the “Great Paris Match Scandal” in Ligue 1 history?

    The “Great Paris Match Scandal” of 1971 involved a match-fixing scandal that shook French football and led to suspensions and investigations.

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