Ajax vs Feyenoord | Eredivisie Predictions

In the wake of the Ajax Chelsea Champions League aftermath awaits the club from Amsterdam another big game: Ajax – Feyenoord. Considered the only real ‘el classico’ of the Netherlands. Even though Feyenoord isn’t the club it’s used to be three decennia ago. With analysis of Ajax from all commentators still fresh in the mind of most English football fans and Feyenoord playing in the Europa League this thursday against Young Boys, we thought we turn our attention to the Netherlands for our bets this weekend.

The team to beat: Ajax

Ajax just suffered it’s first loss since august against the hands of Chelsea. But this isn’t the entire story. Ajax won it’s last match in the national competition with 2 against 1 versus the last team in the standings, RKC Waalwijk. After getting behind 0-1. It seems Ajax has lost it’s form for now, or at least some key players have. Ziyech didn’t play well versus Chelsea, got taken off the pitch after an hour against RKC and didn’t participate with the Moroccan National team due to being tired. Feyenoord could profit from the tiredness that seem to have caught up with Ajax. With odds of 9x your bet for Feyenoord and 5,6x for a draw, that is something to think about!

The team in crisis: Feyenoord

The reason Feyenoord has such good odds is no coincidence. The classic top 3 team holds a tenth place in the national competition after ten games. The worst ranking in years. The equipe of Jaap Stam is in bad shape and the value on the field in terms of pounds compared to Ajax is laughable. It was the most famous player who played at both clubs that said ‘I’ve never seen a bag of money score a goal’, but money still is a representation of the skill on the field. Ajax has the same effect on Feyenoord as the colour red has on a bull, which might be enough to fuel this team to past their limits.


Our betting predictions are that Ajax takes the three points. Despite being out of form, Ajax is still the favourite by far in this match. The forward line of Ziyech, Tadic, van de Beek and Promes/Neres seem to much for the feeble Feyenoord defence. But odds of over nine times your bet might just be worth the gamble!

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