Arsenal vs Liverpool Predictions July 15 Emirates Stadium

Historically, Arsenal is still part of the major six. But the club struggles to keep this status alive as the results against these other major teams are nothing less than disastrous. The away game against Tottenham Hotspurs last sunday was the 27th consecutive away game loss against the other five top clubs. Moreover, Arsenal is heading towards the worst finish of the season since 94/95. To illustrate how bad things are with the Gunners, the last time Arsenal won an away game against one of the big five was in 2015 (against Manchester City) when Mikel Arteta was still a player for Arsenal!

With this depressing introduction we start our predictions for Arsenal’s matches for this week. Not the easiest ones: Liverpool July 15 and Manchester City July 18. The good news for the Gunners is that both of these matches will be played at the Emirates Stadium, the bad news is that they will have to win both of these very difficult matches to keep the dream for European football alive.

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Arsenal Liverpool July 15 Predictions

It is a shame that there will be no live audience for this match. This is a crucial week for Arsenal and their opponents are as difficult as they get. To fight for their last chance on an European Ticket, they could have used the energy of 50.000 men cheering them on. The problem of Arsenal is that they lose against their own philosophy. Liverpool excels when playing against a team that wants to play dominant football. Against Tottenham you saw that the current quality of Arsenal, especially in the back, is not good enough for their philosophy. Although there really is potential in the group, against teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City you can see that dominating 90 minutes is too big of a challenge.

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Klopp can count on a very complete team and only sees his group struggle against clubs like Burnley and Norwich City that play with eleven players in front of the goal. For next season Klopp will be looking for a new creative midfielder that will solve this final piece of the puzzle. Against Arsenal, Klopp will not have to worry about this scenario.

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As much as Arsenal wants a ticket to Europe, Klopp will want to have the record of 100 points even more. Thus the legacy of Wenger is a blessing and a curse. Arsenal will never play as Mourhino would have his team play, but lacks the quality that it once had to play the way Wenger let Arsenal play.

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