How to Bet on Rugby Union versus how to Bet on Rugby League

What are the differences between Rugby Union and League?

Are you looking to bet on rugby? Then it is important that you understand the fundamentals of the game in relation to gambling. The Rugby Betting Basics as we call it. We can offer you the best odds in the market, but what good are they if you are betting on the wrong thing right? So, in order to learn betting on rugby with success, let’s look at the difference(s) between Rugby Union and Rugby League first. And more specifically, what difference impacts your betting strategy most! Want to improve your betting skills? Read on!

There are actually many more versions of Rugby. In an attempt to make the sport as appealing to the audience as possible, fast paced variants like Rugby Sevens are introduced quite often. But when we speak of the sport internationally, Rugby Union is usually what being referred to.

How to place a Rugby Bet: Rugby Union betting & Rugby League

When a tournament or event takes place, we will always make sure to make very clear whether you are dealing with a Rugby Union or Rugby League event. So before we jump into the differences between the variants, first let us guide you through our sports book:

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Rugby Union

80 minutes of excitement (two halves of 40 minutes) between two teams consisting of 15 mountain of men clashing into each other. The goal is to manually ground the ball on the opposite end of the pitch; scoring a so called ‘try’. A try is worth five points. This try can be complemented by a conversion of another two points by kicking the ball through the H-shaped posts.

The attacking team is pushing (sometimes literally) to move forward, whilst throwing the ball backwards or kicking it any direction. The defending team on the other hand is trying to stop the attacker with the ball by tackling him. If they are successful and the attacker goes down to the ground after being tackled a ‘ruck’ is formed, if the attacker manages to keep on this feet after the tackle a ‘maul’ takes place instead.  This is different in Rugby League where the rucks or mauls do not take place after a tackle.

There are however additional rules to make sure nobody is being tackled from above the shoulders, the ball is thrown forward or a maul or ruck is entered from the side. When a foul like these is made, the other team receives a free kick the ball downfield for a line-out, kick at the goal (3 points) or put the ball down for a scrum. Depending on the severity of the foul made. When the defending team retrieves the ball, this is called the turn over.

Popular international tournaments of Rugby Union are the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations.

Rugby League

Rugby Union is better known, but in many parts of the UK Rugby League is insanely popular as well. The latter is faster paced than Rugby Union, without drastically changing the game. The fundamentals are still the same: two halves os 40-minutes (though only 13 players participate on each team). Besides the lack of rucks and mauls after a tackle, a try is worth only four points instead of five and a field goal (or drop goal) is only worth one point instead of three.

A conversion is worth 2 points in both versions of Rugby. Knowing how the point system works is important for valuing key players; someone who has a high percentage on the conversion, is slightly more relevant in the League than the Union in terms of percentages.

Another detail to keep in mind for betting (for example; team to score X times during a match) is that in Union there is no limit to the time in possession of the ball, while in League the possession is turned over after six tackles regardless.

Popularity of Rugby League Betting

The center of Rugby League popularity lies in England and France. The Championship and the Super League are the well known competitions for anyone on the Island, while the Elite One Championship and the Elite Two Championship draws the same amount of attention in France.

Outside of Europe, Rugby League Betting is quite popular in Australia with the National Rugby League (NRL) and Super Premiership New South Wales (NSW). Internationally, expect to find a lot of fans anticipating the Four Nations, European Championship and the Rugby League World Cup.

Rugby Betting Basics Terms

There are a couple of terms that you need to incorporate in your vocabulary when starting with Rugby betting. We’ll try to explain them to you as clear as possible. The three most important are Handicap, Money Line and Totals.

Money Line

The easiest form of betting. Simply pick an outright winner of a match. There are no differences here between Rugby League and Rugby Union.


Did you try a few Money Line bets? Good, then you might be looking for a new challenge in the form of handicap betting. To make the game interesting if the teams differ to much in strength, a bookmaker can give one team a negative handicap or another team a positive one.

Meaning that to ‘win’, a team with a negative score has to win with bigger figures for bookmakers to consider them the winners. A team with a positive handicap can even payout if the lose, they then just have to lose by a small margin.


Known in football as ‘over and under’. The bookmaker sets a total figure of points potentially scored during a game and it is up to you to decide whether the total points go over or under that amount.

It’s up to you to use this knowledge to your advantage. Of course every first is a bit of a pickle, that is why we give you one Free Bet to practice and to start of your fortune with! Go and use your Rugby Betting Basics knowledge today!