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Explore the world of antiquity in a new way, namely through the online casino. Just turn on your time machine and be prepared!

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History is always an inspiration for a good story, but some stories go way back. This is also the case for games that have found their theme in antiquity. In these games you go back to a time before the official era.

Because each continent has its own antiquity, the number of ancient civilizations is also diverse. That is precisely what makes this topic so diverse and so interesting. Whether you are looking to meet pharaohs, Greek gods, or Mayans; thanks to this gaming theme, it is possible.

That also means there are plenty of casino bonuses for antiquities games. Some online casinos even already have a special category for antiquities. Want to know more about games set in antiquity? Pick a world and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Ancient History

Ancient history has all the ingredients to make an entertaining slot machine that is full of dynamic gameplay and captivating stories. Filled with mystery, discovery and adventure, providers will always have a source of inspiration as they dive into the rich history. From extinct dinosaurs to the rise of modern civilizations; this theme is as rich and diverse as the cultures, peoples, and treasures it contains. There are few categories as diverse as this one.

This category of games covers the civilizations of the entire world, and that’s pretty special. Online casino developers try to pull out all the stops to tell a great story. If you love history and travel, these games will help you understand ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Aztec, Roman, Greek and countless other civilizations. This is instant knowledge that is always welcome, as most of the ancient civilizations are already extinct. Thanks to slots with an antiquity theme, you will travel back in time and imagine yourself in another world.

Traditions Antiquity

There are a number of game themes that are more than once used as inspiration by providers. Some examples include games with an Egyptian theme, Greek theme, and native theme. These in turn are part of the range of games with and antiquity theme. Antiquity slots also have different traditions:

  • Get ready for treasure: we all know that ancient civilizations liked to keep their treasures hidden. Antiquities games now give you the chance to dig deep into the treasure chest of these civilizations and possibly even walk away with some of the most valuable possessions they produced.
  • There is often a “book”: now we dare not say whether it was the same in the distant past, but a lot of casino games have been influenced by the Book Of stories. With Book of Dead as the most famous one , it in turn influenced numerous others. Therefore, if you think of antiquity, you quickly end up with a book.
  • World full of magic: game makers start from the magic of antiquity and give a romantic character to these worlds. This is, of course, pretty much already the case with video slots, but some games (such as Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt) is inspired by Gonzalo Pizarro, a conqueror and explorer who was a little less comical in real life than NetEnt would have you believe.

Top 5 things to do with Antiquities games

It doesn’t get much more adventurous than a game set in antiquity. By preparing your next journey, at least you won’t get lost. For that reason, we recommend you pay attention to the following things:

  • Go through the categories: antiquity games are sometimes pre-selected in a separate category, because we are talking about one of the most popular categories. It may well be that these games are in a sub-category such as “Egypt” or “Book Of,” but at least this offers the chance to find the games faster.
  • Look at the bonuses: chances are there are bonuses for antiquities games. These do not have to be exclusive to antiquities or a particular antiquity, but can be valid in part. Therefore, grab your bonus and take advantage.
  • Play tournaments: online casinos regularly organize tournaments for games with an antiquities theme. Again, there may be tournaments for the aforementioned subcategories. There is always a tournament going on somewhere.
  • Broaden your horizons: it doesn’t get much more diverse than antiquities. Everything ranging from dinosaurs to the Roman Empire and from imperial China to Mayan society falls under antiquity. Broaden your horizons so you play other historical slots you might not have immediately thought of.
  • Play sequel games: many antiquity games are now so popular that they too have received sequels. Play these games too, as some titles are part of a series. Discover all antiquity games that have a link to your favorite game. And don’t forget Book of Death either, the most popular of all Book Of games.

Antiquity Bonuses

Slots with an antiquity theme are in demand by players and the casinos, in turn, know that too. Therefore, they regularly have bonuses for games with this theme. These bonuses come in many forms and the most obvious one is the welcome bonus. This is usually valid for a wide selection of games.

Many casino bonuses are even tied specifically to Book of Dead from Play’n Go, giving you the most popular slot in this category. We also recommend you keep an eye out for tournaments surrounding games of this popular theme.

Ancient themed slots features

Ancient-themed slots owe their popularity to the mystique surrounding the games. This is evident in everything from the symbols to the audio. Below we have listed some of the features of slots with an antiquity theme for you:

  • Symbols: the symbols commonly found in antiquity games are quite typical, although they do depend on the type of antiquity game. At least common are treasures, cards, hourglasses, and compasses.
  • Features: antiquity games have features and bonus rounds that yield the biggest prizes. These are also often linked to a particular symbol or person. That person can be an explorer just like a pharaoh, god, or mummy.
  • Audio: The audio is often in between ominous and action. A characteristic of games with an antiquity theme is that the music is adapted to the intensity. Also, the audio varies by civilization, by story, or by feature.

Our Favorite Antiquity Slots

Game developers try as much as possible to bring the history from antiquity stories to the screen. Thanks to graphic sophistication, they are now succeeding more and more.

A number of games excel for entirely different reasons such as high maximum payouts, story lines, or features. The games below are among the most popular games in this category. These games can be played at various online casinos:

  1. Book of Dead (Play’n Go)
    Book of Dead is the most popular slot machine ever launched by Play’n Go. In fact; this is perhaps the most popular video slot ever released. The inspiration from the game comes from predecessor Book of Ra. Remarkably, Book of Dead is among the most played games at almost every online casino, while the original version is offered at far fewer casinos. Regardless, in Book of Dead you are taken for an adventure to ancient Egypt. In this place you can win up to 5000x the bet.
  2. Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt).
    Gonzo’s adventure began back in 2011, probably not knowing at the time that this would become one of NetEnt’s most played slots. In 2011, Gonzo visited the lost golden city of El Dorado, after which it would add new explorations to find even more gold. Other games starring the conquistador that were released at a later date include Gonzo’s Gold, and Gonzo’s Quest Megaways.


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