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Black Friday! There’s no way around it. Nor do we want to. At least in online casinos. Read all about the history, the craziness, and, of course, the best Black Friday Casino deals!

Black Friday! Black Friday! Black Friday Deals!

Before we dive into the phenomenon of Black Friday Casino, let’s start with Black Friday itself. That pre-Christmas time of the year when all shops go berserk with discounts and other super deals. Store clerks see people queuing outside hours before they open. People clash with each other for the best deals, like scoring that one flat-screen TV at 50% off – ONLY TODAY! Or maybe it’s about getting that new Playstation at a one-off dump price. When done right, Black Friday Deals can truly be something else.

Black Friday Shoppers take no prisoners

By now, you will recognise these images from the States. Black Friday may not be an official holiday, but sometimes it feels like one. These days, it doesn’t escape anyone’s notice that it’s on their doorstep again! Consequently, every shop participates, as do online casinos. Thus, Black Friday Casino madness is also a thing. Although the name covers only one day, Black Friday easily takes up several days. That means that usually there are several Black Friday Deals.

Cyber Monday

In fact, usually Black Friday sneakily starts on Thursday. Rolls on to Saturday and Sunday, to then turn into Cyber Monday on Monday. It is then often stretched by a day as well. In short, it will soon take you just under a week. Longer if you consume too much media. Anyone who has the radio on in their car every day around Black Friday… Well, they may go slightly mental after the 834th commercial in which “Black Friday Deals!” is said 14 times. So much for our personal frustration – there are of course bright sides to this marketing phenomenon – especially when it comes to Black Friday Deals in the Casino.

Black Friday Casino Deals

Of course, online casinos also understand that Black Friday is a great opportunity to attract more players. It’s up to you as a player to take advantage of Black Friday Casino Offers. If those extra Casino Bonuses, Free Spins, Deposit Free Bonuses, Cash Prizes, and Cashbacks are there anyway… would be a shame not to take advantage of them. We ourselves always use it to push back a little towards Black Friday. With every win we grab from Black Friday Deals at the casino, we shout “Blaaaack Friday, Baby!!!” loudly at our screen. Perhaps not for everyone, but it’s cathartic for us.

Black Friday: how, what, where, why?

Where does this new tradition among shoppers come from? How do we actually ‘celebrate’ this crazy day in our own country? How do you hit your stride as a bargain hunter, also in terms of the best Black Friday Deals in the casino? You can read all about it here, with a brief history, and the best tips for bagging the best deals.

History of Black Friday

The date of Black Friday changes every year. This is because it traditionally falls on the day after Thanksgiving – which falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. So you roughly know when to expect those Black Friday Deals. As you might have expected, the cradle of Black Friday is in the United States of America, the land of “can we supersize this?”. On this Friday after Thanksgiving, most Americans have the day off. Something fairly unique in this country, where days off are less frequent than over here.

Americans do like holidays in the autumn, and they pack a big punch every time. On Thanksgiving, a big dinner is organised for the family, and accoutrements, including the traditional stuffed turkey. As soon as this day is over, it is time to prepare for the next big ‘holiday’: Christmas! Christmas is probably the holiday of the year for most Americans, with family members coming from far and wide to eat together once a year and exchange gifts. So it was thought that the most important preparation could not be started early enough: collecting presents. Therefore, marketers must have thought, the day after Thanksgiving is the time to start this. Black Friday Casino marketers soon followed suit thereafter.

Origin of name

There are different views on the origin of the name ‘Black Friday’. The popular myth is that it refers to the fact that shops saw their sales go from red to black on the day after Thanksgiving thanks to Christmas shoppers. A more valid explanation, however, goes back to the 1960s in Philadelphia. Every year, the city flooded with shopping ‘tourists’ from smaller cities as well as American Football fans for an annual Football game between army and navy. It took police overtime to keep everything on track. In short, Black Friday.

Black Friday around the world

Black Friday should be called Black Saturday, freely translated. Yet most shops still go for Black Friday. Black Friday Casino marketers have also eagerly embraced the name, along with the habit of throwing Black Friday Deals at you. The day has really picked up momentum with us in the past few years, and it’s now impossible to imagine our lives – and mailboxes – without it. The craziness in the rest of the world is not as intense as in America – riots and fights usually stay away. Discounts are also somewhat less extreme with us than with Americans. There, products can be sold for a quarter of the original retail price.

With us, these offers are somewhat disappointing. For instance, research has shown that the average discount is 20%. So nothing too special for our people – certainly not the kind of discounts to queue up for or fistfight over. Anyway, you won’t find better deals in physical stores than those you can score on the internet. Online promotions run especially well with us on this day: the convenience of ordering your merchandise at a bit of a discount still makes people switch.

It’s All Marketing, Baby

Thanks to marketing campaigns that are getting bigger and bigger, Black Friday still manages to gain popularity among our people. It is increasingly becoming a tradition to make a purchase, or several, on this day. This is reflected, for instance, in the annual online spending on this date: it rises every year.

However, research has also shown that retailers are not always honest about the original prices, thus regularly stunting with special Black Friday Deals that are not actually there. Several major retailers have used this trick. They raised the prices of products sold at festive ‘discounts’ on this day just before Black Friday. Web shop Amazon, for instance, has already been taken to task for raising some product prices last-minute.

At online casinos, fortunately, you don’t suffer as much from this. A deposit bonus is a deposit bonus. The same goes for Free Spins, or Cashbacks. This means Black Friday Deals are truly that. Only thing you need to look at carefully, of course, are the terms and conditions. How often do you have to wager the bonus? Within how many days do you have to make use of it? Actually, reading the terms and conditions of bonuses is something you should always do, regardless of the deals.


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  • When is Black Friday?

    This is easy to remember with the following rule of thumb. Namely, it is celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. That probably doesn’t tell you anything yet, so another rule of thumb. Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Which automatically brings us to the last rule of thumb: Black Friday falls on the fourth Friday of November every year. That could have been shorter. Basket!

  • Do all casinos have a Black Friday Bonus?

    The phenomenon – a day of extreme discounts – first blew over to land-based casinos. Ideal, of course, to lure people through the doors with a nice bonus. Then online casinos took over. Yet not all online casinos participate in it.

  • What kind of Black Friday Bonuses are there?

    You can take advantage of different types of bonuses. A Reload Bonus, for example, where you only have to wait to deposit on Black Friday. Free Spins of course, but a Cashback is also possible. Should you lose, you get a percentage of it back. Think 10% or 15% of your deposits.

  • What are the benefits of playing at an online casino on Black Friday?

    The bonuses can be just a little bit different – read: more favourable – than usual. Think of a 100% welcome bonus that is normally up to £100 and now up to £250. And if you get Free Spins, for example, that’s often more than usual too. Another advantage is that casinos are busier. More players means that cumulative Jackpots rise faster. You’ll just catch it on Black Friday…

  • What are the best Black Friday slots?

    There are no ‘real’ Black Friday slots, in the sense that they are developed based on this theme. Or even have ‘Black Friday’ in the title.

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