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Board games and casino games. Both attract avid fans, smart players and lucky winners. But they have even more in common. Join us in the wonderful world of board games and discover the unique connection with online slots. And how there is suddenly something really at stake…

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Casinos & Board Games: a great match

Casinos and board games have some undeniable similarities. Excitement, fun, game rules, unexpected twists, profit & loss. That several publishers came up with the idea of casino board games is no surprise.

Let’s start at the source. What are the most popular board games of the moment? We see some timeless classics back on the list that you’ve undoubtedly played, but also some new risers.

Top board games:


Monopoly we all know. For some players, a board game they never want to venture into again, after a historic loss in the game. A good session of this game can last for hours and have many personal highs and lows. Meanwhile, the regular Monopoly game has been expanded by many different special editions. Of course, there are also casino games of Monopoly such as Monopoly Megaways.


Settlers of Catan is a popular game that can be found in many households by now. You can buy expansions of this when you have seen the basic game. This way you keep adding fun to your play! For now, this board game cannot yet be found in the form of a casino game. It is also a challenging game, of course.


Playing war can be a lot of fun, especially if you seem to be winning the battle of course. Stratego has been popular for many years and really should not be missing from your closet! Stratego is something we can see adding to the collection of casino board games.

Party & Co

Party and Co is a board game that remains endlessly fun. The most varied board game with assignments that allow you to get to know your opponents and yourself a little better. You can fill a whole evening with this! There are also many different versions of Party & Co, for young and not so young.


Yahtzee, like Monopoly and Catan, is a real classic. Nice and compact – so ideal to take with you on vacation. This is also a casino slot game; developer WMS has added this classic to its growing collection of casino board games.

Casino board game slots

In addition to board games, table games are also popular for the home. Of course, they are liked not only in casinos for money, but also on cozy evenings with friends and family. Poker and blackjack are favorites in this regard. You can play these in their original form, such as Texas Hold’em Poker, or go for the light version of blackjack with 21s. Games of bingo also exist for the home, from the original bingo with falling balls to board games. Even roulette can be played just at home. For money, drinks nuts, the division of household chores or just the honor – it’s up to you what you bet.

Whether you go for casino board games or casino table games, you won’t get bored anyway.

Poker: fun in every capacity

Treat yourself or your friends to a poker set in a nice case, and you can go wild anywhere. You already have such a set for a few tenners and you will have many hours of fun playing with it. Handy to have and use in friendly games, because that’s how you really learn the ropes and work on your poker face. If your friends don’t already realize that you secretly have a good hand, no doubt your opponents in the land-based or online casino won’t either.

How to play blackjack

Blackjack is a card game, so you basically play it wherever you want. All you need is a pack of playing cards. It’s very similar to 21’ing, which you’ve probably played on vacation or with friends. Want to know exactly how blackjack goes? Here we tell you all about the rules.

Table games in the casino

Still, of course, nothing beats a night out at the casino. Whether you dress up in a fancy outfit and make a full program of it with your friends, including a fancy dinner, or play online table games at home, it’s an experience in itself when you place your bets and your odds turn out to be right!


  • What are the most fun Casino Games based on Board Games?

    The games everyone knows that you can now play as board games are Monopoly, Cluedo and Dungeons & Dragons. Cluedo ‘Cash Mystery’ and Dungeons & Diamonds come to mind. There are as many as 5 different slots of Monopoly, such as Monopoly Big Spin and Monopoly Money Grab. So this concept is well milked!

  • What is the best-selling board game in the world?

    If we exclude chess (this game is so old and sales figures are not known), Monopoly is the best-selling game in the world. This is quite surprising because Monopoly was (and sometimes still is) banned in the communist part of the world for a long time. More than 200 million copies of Monopoly have been sold since 1935. This includes all variations, such as Star Wars Monopoly, Football Monopoly and Casino Monopoly.

  • Is there a board game with a casino theme?

    Yes! More than one, so if you love the casino then you can also indulge in board game nights. For example, play the Casino Escape Room, the board game Welcome to Las Vegas and the slot machine drinking game. Of course, casino games like roulette and blackjack are also great board games!

  • Can you make money playing board games?

    Yes. Although it depends a bit on what you all classify as board games. If you are good at chess, you can make a lot of money at tournaments. There are also tournaments for board games such as Settlers of Catan and Monopoly. The prize pool is often not that big. If you want to play directly for money, it’s better to choose a game like roulette.

  • What is the oldest board game?

    It is well known that a game called Senet was played in ancient Egypt. A form of Backgammon that already existed 3,000 years before Christ! Chess is the oldest game still played.

  • What are fun board games for a party?
    At parties it is best to play games like Codenames, 30 Seconds, Party & Co, (cartoon) Poker, Pictionary, Hints, Werewolf or Roulette. These are all games where you play with many people and where participants always have something to do. No matter who’s turn it is.
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