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With the worldwide fan base of DC and Marvel comics, it makes sense that game developers have also developed slots featuring comics. So you follow the adventures of your favorite superheroes not only in comic books and movies, but also in the best casinos.

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The beauty of comics slots? They immediately capture the imagination. Before video games and cartoons existed, comics (comic books) were the greatest form of entertainment for young and old. Long before superheroes appeared on the silver screen, we could follow the battle between good and evil. Comic book stores were filled to the ceiling with exciting comics.

The comics of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman could first be read as early as 1938. However, the first comics date back even further. Some can even be traced back to the time of classical antiquity and ancient Bible stories. These were slightly different than stories about supernatural superheroes saving the world from destruction.

With a worldwide fan base, it is not surprising that the most famous comics have also been translated into movies and series. Indeed, Hollywood is truly bombarding us with superhero movies. Packed with special effects and the biggest Hollywood actors.

The most famous comic books

Comic books can be found in all corners of the world. From American superheroes, to Japanese manga. Comics are timeless and both children and the elderly can find at least one old collection of comic books in the closet.

DC Comics

DC stands for Detective Comics, one of the first comic book series released. Still today, DC Comics is one of the largest publishers. And, of course, responsible for several iconic superheroes. Which 80 years later still steal the show at costume parties and birthday parties. So the fact that DC Comics can also be found on comics slots has been an inevitable development.

Characteristic of DC Comics are the superheroes with supernatural powers and villains who, left or right, want to bring the world to destruction. Batman and Superman are among the two most popular names from DC comics. But Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash are also no strangers to comic book land.

In addition to the good guys, villains also play a major role. Indeed, they too shine in their own films. And are sometimes more popular, too – the irresistible appeal of “bad guys. Take, for example, the iconic Joker and his sweetheart Harley Quinn who shine in the Joker and the Suicide Squad.

Marvel Comics

In the 1960s, Marvel Comics released the first comic books. Captain America, Spider Man and the Hulk, among others, came off the drawing board of this publisher. What sets Marvel apart from DC Comics is that the superheroes are more human.

For example, Spider Man was created by an accident in the lab with a spider. While the Hulk is exposed to the radiation of a bomb, which turns the nuclear physicist into the green monster in a rage. With the success of the Marvel movies, the status and fame of the famous superheroes have been immortalized on the silver screen. Unfortunately, Marvel Comics itself sold the rights to Spider-Man and X-Men for a friends price in the ’80s and ’90s. You can imagine how many millions they lost out on.

Fortunately, movies like Avengers, Iron man and Guardians of the Galaxy have revived the original comics. And even managed to surpass the original success. This makes Marvel Comics an epic publisher in both the comic book and movie worlds! And a grateful source for great comics slots.

Comics slots at the online casino

With a worldwide fan base of DC and Marvel comic books, it is only natural that game developers have also developed comics slots. Thus, you follow the adventures of your favorite superheroes not only in comic books and movies, but also in the best Dutch casinos.

A distinction is made between the different styles, though. These can be divided into comics slots based on the comic books versus the movie adaptations of the comics. For example, for some players nothing beats the retro style that takes you back to the “good old days. When comic books took you to another world full of action and adventure. That makes for authentic comics slots.

The revival of comic book heroes is also certainly due to the many film adaptations of the DC and Marvel series. Consequently, many main characters have been given a new look (including a flashy cape) and also manage to capture the attention of young audiences with special powers with which they fight great evil.


  • Which comics publishers are there?

    The most well-known, thanks to their many film adaptations, are Marvel (Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy) and DC (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Sandman). Then there are, among the numerous smaller publishers, Image Comics (The Walking Dead, Invincible), Dark Horse Comics (Hellboy, Sin City), and IDW Comics (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

  • The 5 best known and most sought-after heroes are Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Captain America, and The Hulk. Popular superheroes outside the Marvel and DC franchises are Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics) and Spawn (Image Comics).

  • Who are the most famous female superheroes?

    The best-known female superheroes are Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Captain Marvel.

  • Which Comics have been filmed?

    There are many series that were originally comics, such as The Walking Dead, The Boys, and Sandman, among others. In addition, versions of the storylines of Infinity Gauntlet, Marvel: Civil War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man: Armor Wars have been shown on the big screen.

  • Where can I find Comics and Superheroes casino games?

    A superhero slot can be found at almost any casino, but it may be useful to keep your eyes open for developers Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Microgaming has access to a diverse collection of movie licences (including many superhero movies). Playtech are the primary developers of DC games. NetEnt boasts a wide catalogue of recognisable characters such as Dracula and Conan, who by now has several comic book movies to his name. Didn’t Dracula happen to be Blade’s archenemy from Marvel?”

  • What are the best Comics-based Casino Games?

    Classic games in the theme of Comics include Man of Steel Slot, Iron Man 3 Slot, The Mighty Thor Slot, Justice League Slot, and Dark Knight Rises Slot.

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